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Your Energy Shapes Your Reality: Create the Life that You Desire! 

Energy shapes reality

Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

Don’t you just feel amazing when after years and years of believing that life is happening to you, you discover that it is not true? When you realize that you can create and manifest the most amazing life using the Law of Attraction. When You discover that your intention and desire carry incredibly strong energy that has the power to move the Universes and summon all the creative forces that exist to contribute to the fulfillment of your dreams. That you can transform your relationships, your business, your health, your finances and create abundance in all its forms. Attract opportunities and miracles. That you can manifest A N Y T H I N G and E V E R Y T H I N G you desire. There is more than enough for everybody because the Universe is boundlessly abundant. The key to all that happiness, peace, and abundance is your energy, your personal magnetism. So, let’s explore together why energy is so important, what role it plays in manifesting and how one harnesses that creative energy. 

The Energy. The Matter. 

Did you know that everything is energy? Yes! Everything non-material and material is energy. I understand that it might sound contradictory because our reality and the physical world seem to be so real and tangible. The things have shape, density, weight; we can touch, lift or move some of them, yet – they are a form of energy. Albert Einstein who was one of the greatest physicians of all times said, “Reality is merely an illusion, although a very persistent one”. And once we have a clear understanding of what this statement “everything is energy” implies and entails, we open the door to infinite possibilities of shaping our world and our life the way we desire it. 

For a very long time, everything in this world was classified either as matter or thought (later – matter and energy). They were considered two separates. Today we have a totally different approach. 

Everything material is made up of atoms which are building material for anything physical; atoms in their turn are made up of sub-particles electrons, protons, neutrons, etc. That’s energy. But the concept of everything being energy does not stop here. At the beginning of the 20th century, scientists wanted to prove that physicality was real, yet after scientific research, they came to an astonishing and shocking conclusion – everything is energy. It was estimated that an atom is 99.99999% energy and only .000001%matter, which is almost nothing. Universal energy makes up everything material and non-material in this physical plane. Scientific evidence only caught up with what ancient civilizations always knew about – the energetic and mental nature of our planet.  

The Reality. 

What is our reality then? One thing is for sure, it is less stable and tangible than it seems, more volatile than you think, and finally more moldable than you believe. It defies the laws of this physical 3D time and space reality and can only be fully understood using the laws of the Universe. If you want to understand the reality you need to think in terms of energy. And because the energy cannot be destroyed but can only change its form, you have the power to change your reality and transform your life the way you desire. How? Through your personal transformation. 

The ancient Emerald tablet carries the words of Hermes Trismegistus – “As above, so below, as within, so without”. So, what that means is that you are changing what we call the ‘microcosmic reality’ which inevitably on some level affects the ‘macrocosmic reality’. My personal transformation will be projected and affect the outer world and outer reality. This is also what the principle of correspondence in the book called “The Kyballion” The Three Initiates is about. This principle embodies the truth that there is always correspondence between various planes of existence. The physical plane corresponds to the plane above it and vice versa. If you wish to change your reality something will need to change inside of you. A belief. Or even entire your belief system. That will change your energy. A change on one plane will result in a change on another plane. 

If you wish to see some evidence in modern science, the double-slit experiment (quantum physics) is a perfect example of how multiple potentials of reality exist at the same time; it proved that a light particle can be in multiple places depending on whether it is being observed. They also call it “the observer effect”. That particle exists everywhere and nowhere until it is observed. There is an infinite number of potentials of its existence. Therefore, just like that light of particle, anything that you desire exists already. You just need to focus on it. You need to direct your energy to the right spot. And it will manifest in your reality.

The Frequency. The vibration. The Law of Attraction. 

Everything is energy and all energy vibrates at a certain frequency. We all vibrate at a higher or lower frequency, so does everyone and everything around us. I have a frequency, but so does my chair I am sitting on and my laptop I am writing this article with. 

Every thought, feeling, and emotion carries energy and has a frequency. The concepts “good” and “bad” don’t exist for the Universe. It’s high or low vibration. Your energy vibrates either at high or low speeds.  

The Law of Attraction is a sub-law of the Law of Vibration. You will attract (The Law of Attraction) what you vibrate (The Law of Vibration). Your beliefs, attitudes, perceptions, thoughts, feelings, and emotions create your energy field and your vibration. They can be conscious or subconscious. 

The better you feel, the higher your vibration. The happier, the more joyful, peaceful, more loving, and expansive you feel, the more wonderful things, people, and situations you will attract into your life. This same applies to lower vibrational energies – the gloomier you are, the more jealous, anger, desperate, in need you are, the more negative people, things and situations will manifest in your life. 

You will attract your desire only when you become a vibrational match to that which you want to manifest in your life. 

Raising your vibration.

Your power as a manifestor and co-creator depends on your vibration. It will determine what exactly you will be able to attract to your life. Therefore, it is crucial to get your vibration raised to the level of whatever you desire. When you are vibrating high you are a vibrational match to all the amazing things that you desire – your dream job, a new car, an amazing house, a fulfilled and loving relationship, good health.

There are many ways to raise your vibration. Meditating, spending time in nature, spending time near the ocean, practicing deep breathing, grounding, dancing, decluttering, using crystals, unleashing your creativity, surrounding yourself with people that inspire you, doing the things that you love, etc. All these practices help you to shift state and connect with your spirit, your higher self. 

The best way to raise your vibration long-term is through your personal empowerment and personal transformation. By getting out of the victimhood mentality and making yourself responsible for your life.  By keep choosing to operate from a higher level of consciousness. By letting go of the past and allowing healing to take place. That shift will put you into alignment and flow with the Universal energies. They are the key to manifesting your dreams and desires. Once the energies in you start flowing freely, that moment onwards the Universe will take over and take care of the rest. It will make sure you will meet the right people, show up under the right circumstances, arrive at the perfect moment, take notice of the right details, etc. Synchronicities will be your loudest sign that your manifestation is about to come true. 

How do I create the life of my dreams?

You must become the right container for whatever you desire to manifest. You must intentionally change your vibration and your energy. Because you cannot attract a loving, fulfilled and happy relationship if you emanate unworthiness, pain, doubt, and mistrust. You cannot manifest healing if you allow judgment, self-destructive thoughts that come from guilt, shame, and victim mentality. You can only manifest a thriving business if you feel confident, abundant, and worthy of success.

The Universe does not speak languages, it speaks frequency and vibration; it does not say this is fair, this is not fair, this is good, this is bad, that is desirable, that is unwanted…Instead it reads your vibration and responds to it.

Lower vibrations even if they are directed to the outside world, are born in you, and you are their container. They affect your energy. You must learn to choose trust over jealousy and doubts, compassion and acceptance instead of judgment and anger, going with the flow instead of control, love instead of hate and resistance. If you keep attracting things that you do not want that is a perfect indicator of what is happening inside of you. 

You can start changing your life at any moment in time even if you seem to be in a hopeless situation. 

Find a quiet moment, take a notebook and ask yourself what is the life that you truly desire? Write down your dreams and aspirations and then take a moment to see how each of them feels. Do you feel inspiration? Love? Joy? Bliss? Freedom? Gratitude? Relief? Love for life? Happiness? That feeling is their vibration, it is their frequency and in order to invoke their physical manifestation, you need to become all that energy – love, joy, bliss, and freedom. 

Stay in that state as long as you can. Don’t emanate that beautiful vibration only when you do the work – when you meditate, script, pray, visualize. You are manifesting all the time. Therefore, you always want to be mindful and present, and intentional about your day so that you can catch yourself manifesting things that you do not desire in your life. Instead visualize and make that dream, that vision, that aspiration so real and present in your life that when you open your eyes you will no longer know what is real and what is the imaginary; and the imaginary will soon become real.

Energy is eternal and it makes up everything material and non-material in this Universe. Through your focus, intention and your vibration you can change its form. Like attracts like, happiness attracts more happiness. If you wish to harness that creative energy remain mindful and present. Master your mind and your thoughts so that you can use that potent energy (that you have summoned with your dreams) to create the most beautiful life that you can imagine.

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