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Most likely, you have set out a clear intention of what you desire to manifest. Whether it is your dream home, connecting with your twin flame or finally landing that job that you have been dreaming of.

Maybe you have written down your goal, been praying for it everyday, doing monthly rituals, tried different Law of Attraction techniques and visualized exactly what you desire for days, months or even years. You feel like you are in a waiting room, just waiting and waiting for it to show up in your physical world. 

Your brain is going – Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

Now the bad news is that the more you focus on ‘when is it going to happen’ and ‘how is it going to happen’, the further your manifestation gets from you. The wondering, hoping and questioning leads to energy blocks that causes energy resistance.

The more impatient you get, there is a vibrational constipation. It is similar to a traffic jam on a highway. The cars are your intentions/wishes to manifest and your destination is the goal you are working towards manifesting. Remember, that no matter how hard you honk or try and move about, you are going to go nowhere until the jam clears up and starts flowing with ease. Hence getting you to your end-point of choice.

But the good news is that there are some simple ways to amplify your desire and manifest it quicker. Here are a few of my favorite things to remember –

  • Let Go and Let it Flow

The more you bring your attention to how your goal has not manifested, it tends to block the flow. Hence it is important that once you set your intention, you let go and let the universe take over. Do things that you love doing, meet people and do whatever you desire to keep your energy and vibe way, way, way high.

  • Deeply FEEL your Manifestation

One of the key things most people forget when they are working towards manifesting something is that ‘feeling’ is everything. Ask yourself, how would I feel if you got what you I requested the universe for. For eg, if you had manifested your soulmate, you would feel loved, secure, happy, excited, joyful etc. So, what you need to do is amp up those feelings in your life and live on the vibration (of feelings) that tell the universe, that you have already attracted it.

Remember, the universe doesn’t give you what you want; it gives you what YOU ARE! So the more you think there is a lack, the more lack you will create. And the more abundant and fulfilled you feel, more of that will arrive in your life.

  • Trust and Surrender

Remember, that the universe is always listening to you and there is absolutely no way it has not heard what you desire. There is divine timing for all your intentions and when you let go and surrender, knowing that the universe will ALWAYS give you what you desire or something better, the universal magic starts working even faster.

Simply put, infinite patience produces results faster than you could ever expect. So feel, let go and surrender to the Universe and see miracles arrive one by one.

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