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Want to Be Successful? Here are 3 Lessons for Presenting Yourself in Public

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Manifestation requires being likeable. If you desire success, think about how you are with others. The way that people speak and act in public can damage their reputation or boost it. It can be a huge turn off and lead to missed connections and business opportunities.

Your public persona shows who you really are!

Recently, I was featured in a webinar with several other business professionals. A woman who also worked in the field of marketing (just like me), introduced herself, and I began to listen intently. While she was presenting her services, one of the attendees got unmuted by accident, and there was a lot of yelling and noise in the background. She remarked, “Well, that’s weird” and continued to talk. The person got accidentally unmuted again and she said, “It’s kind of funny that this keeps on happening.” I was surprised that she reacted this way, which leads me to…

LESSON #1: Never publicly shame anyone!

She could have paused and informed the woman that she was unmuted or politely requested for her to mute. Instead she made comments that hinted at it being a problem or interruption (in a roomful of 30 other business people!).

Shortly after, the webinar moderator informed her that her time limit was almost up. The woman rolled her eyes and said “Okay, fine. I’m done.” (with an attitude)

In my opinion, her reaction was insensitive. Although this wasn’t personally directed towards me, it was an immediate red flag for me. I wish her the best, but I am never going to work with her nor would I ever refer business to her.

The way you communicate with others speaks volumes about your character. In business, respect and trust are two of the key factors that people look for in their potential employer / client / strategic partner. Your clients and your business colleagues want to work with someone they feel safe around…Someone they can trust.

LESSON #2: Remember “Like attracts like”? That applies here too

If you’re hard to get along with or show an attitude toward others, you’ll likely have a hard time building long term relationships. Attract the right kind of people. Connecting with others or connecting people with each other is a huge part of what I do naturally. The woman I mentioned earlier will never know this, but she lost the potential for a lot of business referrals from me.

LESSON #3: Practice what you preach

During her pitch, the woman spoke about energy, positivity and good vibes, but clearly her behavior did not reflect that. There was a disconnect between what she was promoting versus the way she was presenting herself during the webinar. If you say you’re a certain type of person, be that type of person.

What does this have to do with manifestation?

Maintaining a high vibration requires being kind, encouraging and lifting others up! This should also be reflected in your actions and what you say to people. Self-centeredness, negative attitudes and judgements live in the domain of the ego. In Latin, the word ego literally means “I”. People that only think of themselves feel like a victim. They project emotions such as fear, anger, apathy, and pride. I’m not saying that you should not or will not ever feel these emotions, but it’s important to recognize and transform these feelings. These are all low vibrations and when you’re feeling this way you cannot manifest.

The next time you are out in the world, remember these lessons and watch your success come to light.

My name is Geraldine Convento. I’m a serial entrepreneur and influencer that applies the principles of the Law of Attraction to my life and businesses. You can find me on Instagram, YouTube or contact me through my website.

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