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From Waiting on Tables to Millionaire

barbara - corcoran

She was a struggling waitress. Several times she had this kind of job.

And even before that, she was an orphan house
mother, a hotdog stand lady and many other menials

She didn’t even have the $1,000.

But she HATED her bosses.

She borrowed the $1,000 from her boyfriend at the

And today, she has a real-estate empire worth $70

Did she have a natural talent for Real Estate? Did
she Loves real estate so much that the “universe
aligned” to make her wealthy?

Listen to what she says about real estate w

“I had never sold a property. Heck, if I had
known what was involved in the sale of real estate, I
would have never opened a company!”

But she stuck with it and is now one of the
“Sharks” in the popular show Shark Tank.

Naturally, I am speaking of Barbara Cochran.

What people don’t know about her story, was how
much she had to learn about real estate.
Especially real estate in New York.

But she stuck with it. She had the MINDSET. Even without knowing it at the time, she was applying the Law of Attraction.

There were, and still are MANY other real estates

But they will NOT create the same level of

And a small fraction WILL.

This is the exciting kind of mindset that makes success
stories we love. This story is real, and it can be your story too.

With NO money, NO experience, NO knowledge of the
field, she rose to the top of the food chain.

Please do not believe her success and the success of others has anything to do with luck. It has to do with belief, the Law of Attraction and a dogged determination for personal growth and success.

In fact, the mindset you have, IS what creates
this thing called success. When you learn to think the right thoughts and take the right action, money will come to you quickly and often.

Do you want that kind of mindset, that turned
Barbara Corcoran into a success icon?

You don’t have to suffer years of trial and error,
or even go to the school of hard knocks. You can begin right now to develop the mindset that will attract the life you desire. The key is the Law of Attraction, your personal beliefs, and action.

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  1. This is an incredible article! I’ve picked up from this article that when you set your mind to something and believe in yourself, it WILL happen!

    Again thank you for posting these wonderful articles!

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