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Visualization to Manifest, Simplified

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I am sure you have heard how visualization is ‘key’ to attain success with Law of Attraction (LoA). We all have heard something on the line of – you have to visualize your desire to attract your desire but what no one speaks about is that visualization for manifesting success needs to done correctly and with lots of immersion and feeling.

LoA visualization is not like the usual meditation or visualization techniques. They are much more than using your mind to create a mental image of your desired outcome.

It is NOT about seeing yourself on a cinema screen.

It is NOT about just day-dreaming about your desire.

It is NOT about using your mind at all!

Law of Attraction Visualization is about your heart…and using that heart energy to manifest and create.

How to Visualize and Manifest Your Dreams In 5 Easy Steps - Sarah Prout

When LoA visualization is done with feeling and heart it feels like a love affair. You see yourself through your eyes, hearing everything you want to hear, tasting through your mouth and FEELING all of it, in your body.

You are not watching yourself from outside, you are actually living, feeling, breathing the experience as if it is already happened. It feels real, it feels wonderful…it is as if your visualization is your only reality.

Let’s take the example of manifesting your dream home, here is what you can do.

Lie on your bed, close your eyes and take deep breaths to relax. Now imagine that you are lying in your bedroom in your dream home. Feel the sheets against your skin…the cool pillow under your head…the smell of that fresh detergent on the pillow cover…feel the gentle breeze coming from the window or from the fan above you….hear your partner breathing gently by your side…

Or maybe imagine sitting in front of a fire on a cold day…light music playing in the background and you are holding a warm cup of hot chocolate in your hands…feel the heat against your palms as you are holding it…feel that heat coming from the fireplace keeping you warm and cozy…feel the blanket or shrug on you against your skin…smell that delicious hot chocolate…now imagine, sipping that hot chocolate and feel that warmth in your throat and the yumminess on your tongue. Now smile as you are looking at that wonderful photo on the mantle of your loved ones..maybe you go pick it up and feel that cool silver on your hand….feel the absolute love for your family…

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The KEY is to IMMERSE yourself in this experience.

Look at it from the Law of Attraction visualization perspective – go waaaay beyond having something. Bring alive all your 5 senses – what can you see, what can you taste, what can you smell, any sounds around you and the most important element – what can you feel? FEEL it deep within your heart and gut.

You should feel one with your vision. See it and experience it with love. Enjoy savouring every aspect of it and take your visualization to the next level.

Stay connected to it. Let the Universe make it happen. Just flow & enjoy the ride.

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