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Using the Law of Attraction to Keep Calm During Uncertain Times

Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

So for the last few weeks, the only topic that is on everyone’s lips and in their thoughts seems to be the Corona virus – it is all over social media, on every news channel, in papers, all over the internet – and people are freaking out, bordering on paranoia.

But to be fair, let’s understand that it is inciting panic for a number of reasons. It is a new virus with no vaccine currently. Moreover, not enough information is known about it, to be clear about how it behaves. WHO has even labeled this virus as a pandemic and we are all slowly getting into a herd mentality where people are influencing each other and letting their emotions dictate their behavior, instead of taking a more spiritual and logical approach.

So here are my two bits on this topic to ease you and give you some tools to ensure that you and your loved ones are safe, calm and in the best of health.

– Start Your Morning With A Short Meditation –

Before you even begin your day, center yourself, take deep breaths and then imagine beautiful white light from above flowing down towards you. This is source energy (whether you call it God or Allah or Jesus or Ganesha it is perfectly fine), but this is the higher power protecting all of us. See and FEEL this beautiful white light entering your head, entire face, shoulders, arms, torso, backside, stomach and legs, right down to the bottom of your feet.

Once connected with the Divine White Light, expand it further within your mind to engulf your room, your home, your city, country and even the entire planet. Here you would want to affirm – My loved ones and I are safe, healthy and protected by the Universe. The planet is healing and everyone is healthy.

This morning practice will help ground you, put you in a great mental space, and help you feel calm to start your day from the right mindset.

– Avoid News And Social Media On An Hourly Basis –

Remember, that what makes news, news-worthy is worst-case stories, but what we are not hearing about (as frequently) is how many lives have been saved, how many people are cured, how many kind acts of compassion and love have happened thanks to this pandemic. When you are consumed by the news and horror stories, anxiety and fear is going to set in. So yes, keep abreast with facts from trusted sources but stop feeding your mind with what you don’t desire to attract into your life.

– Practice Gratitude To Zoom Into What’s Good –

Our brain’s natural negativity bias means that when faced with uncertainty, we’re more likely to think about what might go wrong than what might go right. It’s also natural to feel fear about the future – and fear only adds fuel to our negativity bias.

To counter this tendency to focus on the negative, write down 3 things you’re grateful for within the uncertainty. These can be anything at all, but when you make them specific and truly pause to appreciate them, you help your brain to pause its negativity spiral. For example, your healthy parents, your friends who are checking in on you, abundance of food to keep you content, good news that you came across etc.

By simply starting to think about something you’re grateful for, you release serotonin, which gives you a mood boost, and dopamine, which encourages your brain to keep looking for things to appreciate.

You can do this in a journal, write it down on a post it and put it in a jar, or doodle out people or even your pet that you are grateful for.

– Intentional Kindness: Reach Out And Be Kind To Someone –

When we feel stressed or worried, we often shut down and ruminate on our worries. So, we have to practice getting out of our head and connecting to others to feel supported. The best way to do this is by doing tiny intentional acts of kindness.

Text a friend to check in. Smile at anyone you come across. Find a way to soothe someone else’s fear/anxiety. Tiny positive interactions with others not only make us happier and raises our vibration but also help us feel supported when we’re going through difficult or uncertain times.

– Boost Your Immunity –

Fear is going to weaken your immune system and why would we desire to send energy to what you do not want to manifest. Focus on the good, the healthy, the happy and trust that this disease will disappear in no time and complete health for the planet will be manifested.

There are simple ways to keep yourself healthy and improve your immune system. Reduce the intake of sugary processed food, eat lots fresh healthy food like fruits and vegetables, add immune boosters like turmeric, pepper, raw honey to your diet, exercise in whatever way possible (walk, yoga, bike ride etc) and get enough sleep.

And finally, how about changing our perspective and thinking of it as the Corona Virus is giving you a gift. The gift of time, to read that book, to play with your children, to spend time with your loved ones, to watch and learn from that YouTube tutorial you have been wanting to…you have time now!

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