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Top 8 Signs that the Universe is Aligning for YOU

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Top 8 Signs that the Universe is Aligning for YOU

When we are working towards manifesting our goals and desires, we all have moments of uncertainty where we question ourselves, “Is the Law of Attraction really working for me?”

We all desire to live in the mind space where you trust that everything is working out, sometimes even contrary to the physical evidence you see around you. And even though we have heard that the ‘The Universe has got your back’ wouldn’t it be reassuring to see some sure shot signs that affirm this belief, helping you live in certainty.

So, below are the 8 signs that are divine indicators that the Universe has heard your intention and ‘it is coming’ (think of them like a divine wink)


You see numbers like 11 11 or 777 or even 1234 on a daily basis whether on your phone, your clock, your laptop, on billboards, license plates etc. No matter what number sequences you see just remember to always feel grateful and pay attention the present moment.


If you are thinking of a question, you will get the answer before even asking the question or you will suddenly start attracting resources that will help unfold all the answers you might be seeking. You might say something right before someone else does, or they say something that you were just about to say. When you suddenly start attuning with the universe you will feel like you are one step ahead of everything you desire.

For example, you might start meeting more and more people who can help you on your way to love, success, financial abundance or greater happiness. You might marvel at how the next steps towards manifestation seems to be naturally unfolding before you. Trust these opportunities and grab as many of them as you can!


Seeing a rainbow in person or even in a photo is probably one of the strongest spiritual signs that your life is aligning in the way that you desire, that there is a force that is protecting you. Rainbow have magical energy and symbolize absolute clarity.


When you start your spiritual journey and work towards manifesting your desires, your gut instinct or intuition starts to feel a whole lot more intense. Even when you meet a person or the first time or get to know about a particular opportunity, your intuition will guide you as to whether you should pursue it or not.


When you start seeing what you are manifesting everywhere you are in vibrational alignment with the intention. For example, you are manifesting buying a particular car and you suddenly start seeing it on the road frequently or you want to manifest your soulmate and suddenly you notice happily in love couples all around you.


You might find money in the park or dropped on the floor or even in your pockets that you had forgotten about. The amount of money does not matter, but when you start finding new money, a miracle is just around the corner.


Suddenly you start finding new people or opportunities all around you, taking your life to a new vibration level. You might also find people who you haven’t been in touch with for awhile reaching out to you. All this just showcases a shift of energy happening in your life.


When you start trusting the universe, you start sleeping more peacefully and have deep, restful sleep, leaving you energetic and refreshed.

Moreover, you will notice that your dreams start feeling very realistic and they are usually positive and happy. Your subconscious mind absorbs your conscious choice of choosing love and courage over fear, and hence your dreams always reflect the same choice.

So, if you’re enjoying vivid, wonderful happy dreams and long nights of blissful rest, your manifestation potential is definitely heightening.

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  1. I’m so blessed to know the universe is speaking to me and has told me I’m worthy of continuing on to be able to manifest what I want with the power of the universe as my guide. I’ve always followed this feeling in my gut my gut instincts and have been following them 100% starting about a month ago. And it has led me to here I want to read all these things about being aligned with the universe are all things that have gone through or experience or continuing to experience on a daily basis but being able to recognize it now because of being told what to look for or their meanings is incredible. I’m not surprised but it’s still shocking and I love it I’m so happy I’m so certain I’m 100% all the way in because there’s no halfway in it’s either in or out and I already chose and so it has brought me all the way to being notified my messages that I am worthy and have been granted to do as I desire. The feeling is intense but steady. I love the tone and the vibrations of the universe finally being able to connect to it and understanding why I do the things I do and why I talk the way I do in believe in the things I do. And why I am so in love with the night sky as they feel like I am looking up at my home. It’s beautiful may you all continue in your ways with the universe guiding you. And if you seek may you find. Love all but understand first or love is pointless.. If love is not forever as its met to be.

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