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The traps to manifesting your desire. Why do we fail?

Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

The Manifestation Trap - LloydBurnett.comLaw of attraction is such a beautiful and powerful force that has the ability to transform our lives in the most magic way. Many of us have used it without being conscious about it, yet many more set out to attract, manifest and change their lives intentionally. It is simple – like attracts like, and it always works without a failure. Yet why so many of us fail to manifest the things that we desire be it a dream car, a beautiful house, a fulfilling and well-paid job, a loving and committed relationship, a successful business?

Here are the most common mistakes and actions that hinder our manifestation.

Limiting beliefs.  Whether we are aware of them or not, the majority of us have them. Past traumas, society, environment, parents, caretakers, church, community they all contribute to generating numerous limiting beliefs in us. ‘I am too old’, ‘I am too young’, ‘I do not have enough money’, ‘I am not skillful enough’, ‘I am not creative enough’, ‘I am nor attractive enough’, ‘nobody likes me’, ‘you need to work hard and work long hours in order to gain a lot of money’ and so on and so forth. What these limiting beliefs do is they limit, they limit our feelings, our minds and our lives. They block the energy and they do not allow us to connect with the energy of the Universe, and we do need that energy to manifest all the things that we desire. It is the source of our all creations. Our limiting beliefs do not allow our vibration to align with that of our wish.

So, take time to identify them and then challenge them, work on them, find their roots and in doing so you will eliminate them and release the energy that you need for manifesting.

Not feeling worthy. Sadly, many of us lack self-love and self-esteem which leads to lack of confidence and most importantly to feeling not worthy of all the good things that life could and wants to generously offer. What it does to us it robs us of many opportunities that we could have. It shuts the doors to abundance that is our innate right. It shuts the doors to joy, creativity and personal power.

When we don’t feel worthy, we generate counter intentions. We settle for less. We settle for the crumbs when in fact we could be enjoying a feast…Less love, less respect, less commitment, less money, less dreams, less power, less good energy, less of everything.

But I AM worthy, you ARE worthy, we ARE all worthy. We all came to this world as an infinite love and light, infinite wisdom and we are worthy not because we said or did or achieved or bought something or constructed something, but because we are worthy, we always were.

Fueling our creative energy in the wrong direction. Your intention and the energy behind it carry your desire through the manifestation process till its realization on a physical level. What you think, feel and believe will either help your manifestation or hinder it from happening. So, it is always very important to take a moment and ask yourself – do I have the right mindset? Am I feeding my beliefs or am I feeding my fears and doubts; am I not entertaining the scenarios that I do not want?

One of the most common mistakes is that people concentrate more on the absence than on the presence of their wish fulfilled. Lack and need will only attract more lack and need. If you had only rotten vegetables available, you would not expect to cook a decent meal, would you? Same with manifestation if you emit lower emotions and consequently lower vibrations, if you concentrate on the absence and lack you can only manifest more of it.

Not believing and therefore not letting go. When we cannot let go, we choke the energy that we have generated with our work (affirmations, incantations, rituals, meditations, hypnosis, tapping, scripting and etc.). We keep digging out the seeds that we have planted and therefore not letting for the desire to root and grow. We keep asking when, how and will it happen at all? ‘Why is she not texting me’? ‘Why they haven’t responded to my email yet?’, ‘Is my project interesting at all to them?’, ‘Have they hired someone already?’, ‘Is it going to happen?’ ‘Why is it taking so long?’, ‘Maybe he/she has found somebody else?’, ‘But she is dating someone else, does she really love me?’ ‘Do I really have the skills they require?’ ‘That opportunity seems too good to be true’.

Believing and feeling your wish fulfilled even before it happens are indispensable conditions to manifesting great things in your life. And when you believe, and when you feel worthy of whatever it is that you are trying to manifest, you will be able to let go, you will never cling to your desire. Your wish is a bird that needs to fly, believing is giving him the wings so he CAN fly. Letting go is opening the cage, it is releasing.

Not feeling grateful for what you already have. If you do not feel grateful for the things that you already have in your life, your intention is born from lack, need, greediness and/or jealousy.  That will be the vibrations that will feed your wish and you will only attract more of it. Happy and grateful heart attracts more of blessings. Being grateful, practicing gratitude every day transforms your energy field in a very powerful way.

Not taking any (inspired) action. There is no attraction without action. Having worked out everything on the energetic level first – having set your intention, cleared your energies and directed them in the right direction, there always comes a moment when some action needs to be taken. Sending out your CV, trying to arrange a business meeting, making that call, taking a trip, asking out somebody on a date, joining a course, quitting your job or whatever it is. Nothing will happen on the physical level without your action. Ideally it should be an inspired action.

Inspired action is such an action which feels compelling to do and you feel absolute certainty about it.  It does not come from lack or need ‘I so miss him/her, I want to text him/her badly’, ‘I need to get that job so I better contact the head of HR today’, but it always comes from inspiration and always seems like a brilliant idea to do. Another form of action is making sure that you don’t miss the chances that the Universe is sending your way. So, if opportunity knocks on your door make sure to answer it!

When manifesting you concentrate too much on your outer world, outer circumstances, outer energies. Do you know that everything can change in a matter of seconds? When creating we always have to go inwards and feed our creation with unshakable belief no matter what is happening outside of us. Yet so often we are distracted, influenced and thrown off by what is happening around us. It brings us down and depletes us of the good energy that we need for successful manifestation. How often do we say to ourselves – ‘the job market is tight, I will never receive that job’, ‘she moved out of town, she blocked me on the social media, she must hate me, she will never come back!’, ‘my salary will never allow me to save for that car’,  ‘there is too much competition: my business will never succeed, we will never grow’.

Expect your miracle and don’t forget that the only constant thing is change. We need to play a ‘pretend’ game and ignore the outside circumstances whatever they might be because they can change, and they will change if you believe.

We doubt our power of creation. What you might not know is that we all are born as manifestors. We were all given this beautiful power of creation. But many of us are either not aware of it or we forgot how to use it. But the evidence of the Law of attraction far outweighs the evidence of its absence!

Many of us use it in the wrong way without even realizing it. We are way too good at using the Law of Attraction to attract the things that we don’t want to in our lives. Law of attraction is impartial – it does not differentiate between good and bad. It gives you what you constantly think about and what you believe. So, start thinking beautiful thoughts, empowering thoughts and creative thoughts and watch your life transform in the most magic way. Happy manifesting!

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