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The Power of Your Name

Power of Name

Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

There is POWER in your name. In fact, there is power in every name. Think about the name of your pet. The name has a certain energy about it. Maybe it is a cute cuddly name like “Fluffy” or maybe it is a strong name like “Fireball”. You can visualize two very different pet personalities based on these names. Have you ever thought about the energy associated with your name? Turning your name into a energetic talisman is the most powerful boast you could give yourself. At the end of this article I will share a technique specifically designed at power to your name, raising your vibration to unleash the goals you seek. Let’s look at a name with so much power it was only said once a year.

The Name of God has so much power. The Name of God was considered so sacred to the ancient Jews that they would not pronounce the Name. The Tetragrammaton was considered the unspoken name of God. It was said that the ancient priests only spoke that name once a year during a specific ritual. One priest was selected to say the Name of God. The priest would go through intense steps of purification before he entered the Holy of Holies. This was a special room in the temple where the Name of God could be spoken. If he was not in a purified state, he died in the Holy of Holies as he spoke the Name of God.

Moses had an amazing experience with the power of the Name of God. In Moses travels in came to a bush that was on fire but was not consumed by the flames. The burning bush started talking to Moses. Moses asked the voice, “What do I call you?” The reply was, “I am that I am.” The voice in the bush was God. This story was recorded in Hebrew. When you take the closer look at the Hebrew the translation to English could be “I am that I will be.” I am always becoming, I am always evolving, I am always growing because I am always the source of potential, I am God; Divine Source. Divine mystery schools have always found the name sacred. This shows us how important names are.

Names are considered a source of power. Many family names also have mottos. Mottos give a reminder of the power in the name. For example take a look at the United States; we can argue and fight amongst each other, but when an outsider wants to come in and fight, we stand together. The motto of the United States is “United We Stand!” The name “United States” creates a vision of power people standing together. What do you visualize when you hear your name? Is you name a source of power in your mind?

Hearing your name can be an incredible, astonishing source of power. As your Mentor of Light, I am going to teach you how to add power to your name. First get a white candle and blank piece of paper. I like to use the tall pillar candle in glass jars that burn for several days. On the paper write out a characteristic that you want associated with your name. You might choose to something like power, courage, intelligence, loving, faithful, joyful or the like. Once you have written your characteristic on paper place the paper under the candle. Put your hands over the candle and say,

“I anoint this candle by the Name of Divine Source as a symbol of power.”

Say a blessing for the Divine to be with you an fill you will the characteristic written on the paper. Light the candle and cup your hands around the sides of the flame. Be care that your hands are far enough away so you can hold them around the flame without burning them. Now say,

“I (add your name here) am (add whatever characteristic here). Henceforth, whenever my name is used, invoked, in any way shape or form, it shall mean (characteristic here) rises within me. As it is desired, so shall it be!”

Then pause, touch your heart and repeat

“I (add your name here) am (add whatever characteristic here),”

until you feel it in your heart. Anchor that characteristic with your name. As you go through your day remember the characteristic ever time you hear your name. Feel the power you added to your name. Feel success all around you. Try a new characteristic every month and watch your life change. It may seem crazy, but it works!

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