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The power of three secret words to change your life

Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

Je t’aime, ti amo, ich liebe dich, te quiero, se agapo…That is how I love you sounds in French, Italian, German, Spanish and Greek. Different languages but they all denote the same: the most pure and beautiful feeling in this Universe called LOVE.

Ancient Greek philosophers identified five forms of love: familial love (storge in Greek) or in other words love for your offspring; brotherly love or platonic love, but also self-love (philia); romantic love, affection of a sexual nature (eros), guest love (xenia) and divine love or the highest form of love – universal love (Agape). However, with Greek (as with many other languages) it has been difficult to separate the meanings of these words totally, and that makes sense to me, even though many languages till this day continue using different nouns and verbs to express different types of love (e.g. there are two very different ways to say ‘I love you’ in Italian: ti voglio bene and ti amo; the latter could be translated as ‘I wish you well’ or ‘I want what’s good for you’. The Japanese language uses three words to convey the English equivalent of love: ai, koi and ren’ai).

Yet to me love is all encompassing there are no divisions, no separation and no limits; to me, love can be compared to a white light that changes the spectrum of its colors depending on which surface it is reflected. There is nothing more powerful than love. That is what we are about, and that is what our lives are about.

The beginning. We come to this world as pure unconditional love. We come free of ego, free of fears and limiting beliefs, we come free of pain and suffering. We come to this world as an extended part of source love and all we know first is to love and receive love. To connect with that which truly matters.

We bring with us to this world incredible wisdom and understanding, we have no limits, no personality issues, no problems, no doubts, all we have and all we are in the beginning of our journey is a spark of life.

There is a false belief that our lives are about becoming something, somebody. Yet the truth is that big time of our journey on this Earth will be about unbecoming of what we became. It will be searching to go back to that magic and blissful state we were in the beginning of our lives. It will be a longing to become, be who you, I, was meant to be in the first place.

The journey. We start our journey on this earth and as we grow and evolve, we start accumulating. We start first with limiting beliefs, then we add fears (especially fear of failure and rejection), doubts, anger, hate, jealousy, greed, judgement…you name it. And then without even noticing it we start feeling unworthy, we forget about the well of unconditional love that flows in us. Since love is the essence of our existence, we start feeling empty and to fill that emptiness we start looking for love in all the wrong places.

We look for love outside of us. By this point our ego has grown to a considerable size as well. We rarely hear if at all our inner voice and inner wisdom. We want expensive clothes and things, food, alcohol and other drugs to clog that hole, that emptiness that only keeps expanding. We start looking for our ‘second half’ only implying further that we do not really feel whole.

And when we feel lack, we attract lack. Like attracts like. We attract people who come to our lives to disappoint us, hurt us and let us down. They make us sink even deeper, but only in the beginning. People or sometimes even events shaken us and awaken us. We turn then inwards again. And we realize that the love, the divine light, the beautiful and pure Agape that we were born with is still there and that it had never left us. We just turned blind and deaf.

The return.  That moment onwards we start unlearning. We start unlearning all the negative emotions, feelings, thoughts and actions that we grew so accustomed to. We open our hearts, transcend our egos, we start trusting, serving and allow ourselves to be vulnerable again.

We start peeling off layers and layers of limiting beliefs, we wrench our deep-rooted unworthiness and start practicing self-love. But what if we started it all earlier? What if we could have avoided all that suffering, confusion, abandonment, fear, refection and pain?

There are three magic words that change your life in ways that you could have never imagined, that can unlock all the doors and make tumble down all the walls…That can transform your entire life, every aspect of it and fill it with miracles big and small.

I           LOVE          YOU. Why It's So Hard to Say "I Love You" | Time

Stand in front of a mirror, look yourself deeply in the eyes and with your every cell feel the love, the power and the light that you hold inside of you. I LOVE YOU. Utter them with an utmost conviction, unshakable belief and tenderness as if your whole life depended on it. Send yourself love, believe it, and fall in love with yourself again. Give yourself all the love that you were craving and longing to receive. Magic will start happening immediately. The Universe will start reflecting all that love back at you.

The bliss.

I am worthy. I am loved. I am love. I LOVE YOU. Love will transform your vibration in a magical way and if you continue bathing in self-love you will soon see your life transform in front of your eyes in the most amazing ways. Everything you will touch will turn to gold. Because your inner lead turned to gold and now you have this amazing superpower to turn everything around you to gold.

Universal love starts with self-love, and when we start truly loving ourselves, we connect to that intelligent source of unconditional and elevated love Agape. Love is such a powerful force and if you allow it to your heart it will transform your life in the most profound ways.

You can magically heal your relationships (with your children, parents, employers, in- laws, neighbors etc.) by sending them love – I love you, you can find your dream job or transform your current job into an amazing opportunity – I love you, you can make your health issues disappear by sending love to your body and the illness – I love you, you can start earning more money or start your own business like you have always wanted to by sending some loving energy – I love you, you can pay off your debts by sending them love – I love you, you can transform your marriage by sending it love – I love you, you can lose weight by changing your relationship with food – I love you, you can cope with any challenge that might show up on your path – I love you. The possibilities are endless. You can really turn to gold anything using the power of love – I love you.

The most amazing thing is when you start truly loving yourself, when you fill up with love to the brim, it runs over and you start giving it to others, sharing it with others; your life gains a totally different meaning – you are no longer on this earth to take, but to give to others. You are here to serve, to give and to share love because it cannot be hoarded, it has to be spread outwards. Lack and need are no longer there.

That is exactly when you are ready to meet your twin flame. Because this time the words I love you will be said not from lack or need or hunger, but from the position of abundance. Your love won’t be a mere feeling, but it will become an action, it will carry a commitment and willingness to share your life and destiny with that person.  It will carry a totally new vibration – the vibration of Agape.

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