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Blessings come your way easily. You don’t feel the need to analyze and judge yourself because a life full of blessings, opportunities and growth is something you know you deserve.
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Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

In today’s time and world, emotional quotient is given far more importance than intelligent quotient. People can sense the energy around you and make a decision about you. It sounds scary right, someone making a decision about you without even talking to you. We always have been told that first impressions matter a lot, then we have been told that don’t judge a person based on their first impression. Now let me tell you this, your energy affects you far more than anybody else. Instead of focusing on what people sense when they are around you, start focusing on what you feel when you are with yourself. Do you like being in your own energy? Do you like spending time with yourself or is your mind filled with insecurities, fears and trauma that happened in the past. Aligning yourself with your soul majorly depends on the frequency you are vibrating on.

Let’s start by understanding WHAT IS AURA? It is a supposed emanation surrounding the body of a living creature and is regarded as an essential part of the individual. You will very easily understand if the person around you is friendly, arrogant, rude, cheerful. This information comes from their aura. A lot of other factors like the way they carry themselves, the type of clothes they are wearing, the tone they use when they start talking are contributing factors in a person’s aura. If you see someone wearing bright colors you will start thinking that is the person who is approachable, that’s someone who enjoys life a little more They won’t seem dull or boring but even then, if you feel something is off when you are around them, that’s their aura. You won’t have any logical reason, you won’t be able to justify it, you will just feel a certain way around them. No one can blame you for “feeling something”. You attract the energy you vibrate on. Higher vibrations attract abundance, faster manifestations, and alignment. You get into an easy flow with life. Blessings come your way easily. You don’t feel the need to analyze and judge yourself because a life full of blessings, opportunities and growth is something you know you deserve. Every little thing starts aligning in your life, you feel like you are on top of the world. You feel like this is the best time of your life. This is the impact your aura has on you.

Now that we have seen the impact of the energy surrounding us let’s understand how we can keep it clean, pure and powerful. You can always work on something in two ways, first is the physical aspect of it and second is the work you do with the help of your mind.

1. Cleansing your skin. Even at its thickest point, our skin is only a few millimeters thick. But it is still our heaviest and largest organ, making up about one-seventh of our body weight. Our skin also expresses emotions detectable by others through pallor, coldness, “goosebumps”, redness, warmth, or sweating. Keeping your skin clean is majorly related to food intake and mental stability. The type of processed food that we consume produces hormones that cause discomfort, anxiety and create an imbalance in our body. The effects result in acne, pimples, and severe damage to our skin contributing to low energy.

2. Using water as an energy cleanser. Your energetic skin is similar to your physical skin and if you treat your physical skin as the symbol of your energy boundary, you will observe an immense change in yourself. We use water to clean ourself and there is no doubt that we feel fresh after taking a bath but what if I told you that you can create an extreme change in your energy while you are showering, bath salts, herbs, and good music will uplift your mood, remove all the negativity you have been carrying around. We have observed a great change in people after they have started using bath salts because it creates a solid layer over your skin and then water takes all the negative energy away. Using affirmations while showering is another great method to make a shift in your energy.

3. A protective bubble. In deep meditation, it’s easy to visualize and feel a bubble of light around us. You can intentionally choose to create a protective bubble. The intention behind is protection provided by the Divine. You will always feel protected, safe from all the negative energy because this bubble wouldn’t allow any negative energy to pass through. Fill your body with light, white, healing energy which will negate every negative vibe around you. You will be able to the full protection when there is a lot of energy playing around you. That’s the time when you will feel the true protection from the Divine.

4. Use your words carefully. When you become more self-aware you realize that your words have an immense impact on you. I AM PROTECTED, I AM RESILIENT AND BEAUTIFUL, I AM GROWING AND HEALING. If words like these create such a positive impact on you, can you imagine what other words can do to you? Be very careful to whom you say yes to and what you agree to. If you feel that the situation is not aligning with your values, it is better to say NO. Doing it for the sake of it will just drain you more because that’s not something you actually want to do.

5. Energy vampires. Have you ever felt like you are exhausted just by talking to someone or hanging out with them? This is because there are certain beings who drain your energy to the point where you won’t feel like doing anything. There is not equal give and take of energy between the two of you. These cords are also made with a situation, an emotional scar, and habit. There are cords attached to every person you have a relationship with. These cords can be good too, it can be the person closest to you, they might also have the purest intentions but sometimes not cutting your cords can create unwanted effects, and its always better to have control over your energy. Imagine a long cord between the two of you and start cutting cords once you feel drained or exhausted because they are siphoning more energy from you. These connections that take more of your energy aren’t doing it on purpose.

6. Breathwork. Breathing is most important for our body. It helps in blood circulation, reduces stress levels, lowers blood pressure and reduces the possibility of burnout. Breathing exercises show a great shift in your energy because it brings so much oxygen to the blood.  The act of focusing on your breath slows breathing patterns and keeps you relaxed. Breathing is often taken for granted when it’s most important. It shifts your energy and helps you vibrate on a higher frequency. Breathing exercises like belly breathing, nostril breathing, pranayama show great results.

These exercises don’t need any special equipment and can be done anywhere. Now that you know various breathing techniques, use them to reduce anxiety and stress, increase energy and improve the health of your heart and your brain.  These are some 6 ways of cleansing your energy that will help you to grow more, align with your soul and vibrate on a higher frequency.

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