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Million Dollar Winner

Amanda S.

When Amanda S. engaged Robert Zink in his world famous Miracle Mentoring & Alchemy Life Coaching Program, she never expected to win one million dollars. Amanda worked closely with Robert to open up her unlimited power and potential. She destroyed her limiting beliefs and began to accept that someway, some how, she would attract the money she desired. She started to believe that she could change her life.

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All testimonial are 100% genuine. To submit your testimonial click HERE.

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Million Dollar Winner

When Amanda S. engaged Robert Zink in his world famous Miracle Mentoring & Alchemy Life Coaching Program, she never expected to win one million dollars. Amanda worked closely with Robert to open up her unlimited power and potential. She destroyed her limiting beliefs and began to accept that someway, somehow, she would attract the money she desired. She started to believe that she could change her life.
Amanda S.

Robert Zink's Manifestation Techniques and Affirmations are Powerful!

Hi, I'm Urith—a 17 year old senior highschool student in the Philippines. I've never submitted a testimonial for something, but I can definitely say that Sir Robert Zink's manifestation techniques and affirmations are powerful! Let me share a little anecdote…

I was laying on my bed experiencing an excrutiatingly painful stomache ache. There were moments where I felt my throat and mouth bracing itself for vomitting (not very nice 😬). Until I remembered the techniques mentioned in one of his videos; what I did was I sat up, closed my eyes and said in my mind two times: "the painful feeling in my stomach will go away." I even made sure to put all my mental energy into that affirmation. And lo and behold, it went away after a minute or so! 😱🤯

I also wanted to note Sir Robert Zink's way of getting rid of negative thoughts, as well as the morning and night routinely affirmations he mentioned in a video. Because of that, all I have to say out loud is, "cancel that thought!" and all those thoughts leave instantly. It has made me feel happier, lighter. I even find myself smiling like a maniac out of nowhere (a bit of an exaggeration there😂) as I visualize my ex coming back to me and giving me the love I desire. This morning, I said in my mind: "Today, good things will happen." And guess what? I got a winstreak in Mobile Legends!

If this ever gets published, I just want to say this to anyone reading this:

Don't give up hope. Believe that you've already achieved your desired outcome. Make the universe your bitch!! 😈🤣🤣🤣

Your Techniques Work!

Robert your techniques work!!! I started watching your video six months ago and I was homeless. I now have a new car, a new home, and the love of my life is talking to me.

Feeling better

My thoughts are much better. I had a smile on my face all the time my Grandson tells me Granma why are you smiling. I don’t realize I am smiling. You are the greatest
Carolyn. Dagner

The Power of Letting Go and Positive Thinking

Sheena has been working with from last 3 weeks i have seen power of letting go and positive thinking. I am in progress with my manifestations. I express my gratitude to you and Sheena for being there with me!

Amazing Man, Amazing Relationship

Hi Robert & Rachael, I hope this finds you well. I have no doubt it will with your amazing outlook on life. I’m happy to report I’ve met an amazing man. We’ve been together four months, and it just keeps getting better and better. Robert, you had suggested I write a letter to the man of my dreams and open it after I meet him. I opened the letter last week. It’s shockingly accurate! I read it to him as well. He was blown away. Happy Manifesting!
Ann J.

I have suffered through so much pain and it’s now gone!

Hello dear Robert and Rachel! I wanted to let you know that the day before the full moon webinar, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was amazed when you mentioned it. I have suffered through so much pain and it’s now gone. You mentioned it and I accepted your intentions of healing. My joint began to get warm, and pulsed. Immediately felt relief and still am. I also wanted to mention what Rachel’s tapping had done for me. With it I was able to release fear, doubt, and other negative beliefs. I was in total relief from worry. Interestingly, I began seeing 555 several times and then your video was a suggested on you tube. Thank you both so very much. I love learning from the two of you. You have helped me find peace. ❤

I’ve Gotten My Man Back!

TheMom little

Invoke the Power of the Universe and Prepare for a Miracle!

Dear Robert and Rachael,

I am writing this evening to express my immense gratitude for the help I received JUST through one of your podcasts.

I did an emergency manifesting ritual before an opera audition (I am an aspiring singer – I will be famous one day!). In the past few years I have experienced several personal setbacks, which i allowed to negatively impact my career as a performing artist. The biggest one was a severe alcohol addiction which consumed my life and likely would have taken it had I continued living as I had been.

However, I am so grateful to be writing this to you 2 months sober and with no desire to ever drink or revisit that addiction again. The day after that audition, I got a massive impulse to quit drinking for good, I listened to it, and never looked back. Per the directions of your emergency manifesting ritual, I invoked the power of the universe to bring me a successful audition and a spot in this opera company, OR SOMETHING BETTER.

While I was not offered a spot in that company, I am so impressed to say that I did indeed get something better out of it – sobriety and a second chance at life.

I now understand that in order to achieve my goals as a performer, I must be mentally and physically healthy beforehand. My subconscious already understood this, but it was getting the message to my conscious mind that seemed to be the struggle. Your emergency manifesting ritual, however, helped me overcome this block, and was the powerful catalyst for this hugely positive change in my life.

You truly helped facilitate a miracle – before, I was in total bondage as a result of my addiction. Before, I could barely go a day without drinking, and did not consider myself strong enough to stop. Now, by some, honestly, miracle, I have no desire to ever drink again, and have the power of the universe working on my side to ensure my lifelong success as an artist.

I thank you both from the bottom of my heart. I have been studying the Law of Attraction for a little under a year but the strides I have made in my life with this knowledge have been exponential. The tools that you have provided through your YouTube Videos and Podcasts have been life-changing and will ALWAYS be integral in my own journey.

Soaring high each and every day! Wishing you both the absolute best!


Claire A.

Thanks Buddy your shit works

Wanted you to know that I found someone younger, hotter, sexier, smarter than my ex. I am the man in this relationship, been with her for four months, and we ______ like theirs no tomorrow. Thanks Buddy your shit works!
Justing R

Miracle Mentoring has changed my life

During my lifetime, I have always searched for ways to improve myself in body, mind, and spirit. I feel that I need to improve myself not only for personal growth but also to give back to the world. After hearing about a friend’s personal experiences with Robert Zink and Personal Magical Mentoring, I decided to see and experience change for myself. The advice that I received and the techniques gained were an invaluable addition to my skill set that I wish I had gained years ago. Miracle Mentoring has changed my life.


Watched your video receiving unexpected money in 24 hours The next day my daughter was approved for a multi year student loan for $3000 dollars more than what I manifested for. She is heading into her 3rd year. We were not sure what we were going to do financially to pay for the next 2 years Miracles happen when manifesting and believing Thank You!!!
Chris S.

Raised over 2.5 million dollars

In five months I raised over $100,000 for a new business venture. It was unbelievable that in 24 months I had raised over 2.5 million dollars to continue expanding my new company. The weekly Miracle Mentoring & Alchemy Life Coaching with Robert got everything flowing for me. As a college professor, I was skeptical about creating miracles but I can honestly tell you that Law of Attraction seriously works.

Saved my marriage

I saved my marriage through Miracle Mentoring & Alchemy Life Coaching. After trying everything and everyone else but Robert Zink quickly helped me change my vibration. Now we are back together, happy, and having a baby. Thank you Robert.
Ferri L.
Australia, Melbourne

Lifted me out of the fog

I am writing to inform you and other people as well how Miracle Mentoring has changed my life forever. First of all, I would like to thank you with the utmost gratitude. I am happy to say that I no longer live in fear of anything. I am more motivated and I have more confidence in myself than ever before. I feel so excited and wonderful for I can think, write, and read faster than I ever did before. Thank you for lifting me out of the fog I was in, for now, I can see the light shining through.
I am very excited to inform you that now I am finally able to love unconditionally; where I wasn’t able to before. I also can forgive and forget the wrongdoings that others have done to me. I am extremely happy to have a stronger faith in God as well. I feel so ecstatic for I am finally able to be the person that I’m meant to be.
I would most definitely advise someone to get miracle mentoring for themselves. This was indeed the most valuable gift that I’ve ever given myself and I would do it again. Thanks again Robert for all your help, without it I would never have found myself
J. Hotton

Saved my marriage

I saved my marriage through Miracle Mentoring & Alchemy Life Coaching. After trying everything and everyone else but Robert Zink quickly helped me change my vibration. Now we are back together, happy, and having a baby. Thank you Robert.
Ferri L.
Australia, Melbourne

Direct Result from Master Manifesting 2021 Masterclass

Hi Robert and Rachel,

Thank you for all you do. I watch most of your videos for the past 3yrs they have always helped me. I recently attended  winter solstice class the attached pictures are proof.

Back in August, a neighbor made a false call to suicide prevention number which sent “officers” to my house and search my house for drugs and weapons. Part of the process I was forced to go to the hospital to get evaluated.
Before I left the house I knew I left my great grandfather’s cufflinks on the counter. When I came back they were gone. The officers were offended I asked if they seen them. I knew they took them but could not prove it.
For months I have been dealing with Proud Boys harassing me and  anyone that would come to my house.
I admit, I had hatred, I envy for revenge and for me to get my lucky charm back.
See, I felt that the cufflinks brought me luck. They belonged to my great grandfather, my grandmother was separated from him as a teenager. She told my father that she felt her dad through the cufflinks that helped her escape from Auschwitz, come to Canada. Even though I never met her, I always felt close to her.
Tuesday I watched the Zoom call and followed the mediation. I took deep breathes and told my mind I am already lucky, I am already close to anyone I desire past future present and I forgive those who have caused me and my family pain. I have been doing that 3 times a day for the past few days..
Tonight, I came home and the cufflinks along with note were at my front door.

Struggling to make ends meet

I was struggling to make ends meet. I was sure I could win the lottery but I needed some help. Robert Zink helped my change my thinking and beliefs about money. I attracted Money Like Magic. Now I know my child will have a good education and I can spend qualities time raising her. I am so grateful for what Robert has done for me.
United States, Virginia

Life changing

I really didn’t know what to expect from Robert and Rachael manifesting beyond belief workshop but what an incredible experience. The energy as we where being trained was electrifying. I learnt the Ruach Healing Method and in the process I have learnt so much about myself. Thank you for such a spiritual weekend. I am looking forward to joining you again next year.
Jane R.
United States, New Jersey

444 – is everywhere

I begin watching you on Youtube about two months ago. Your channel has changed my life. I am so in touch with myself , and this has changed my life. I have manifested the love of my life back after one year of no communicating, I have manfested money , and new opportunities. Last Saturday I was sitting home, I sent a beautiful text message to my love , and after one year he replied back a few minutes later. The time of his reply was 4:44PM, EST. He stated that he had been thinking about me too, but thought that I was dating someone else. That same evening we connected and are now communicating on a regular basis. I manifested this and in the past have tried other methods, but your video’s and Podcasts have truly worked for me. I cannot thank you enough. I can visualize and manifesting my desires . I have you to thank you.
A. Lee

Changed our life

We started listing to Roberts Podcast back in early 2015. We contacted Robert to claim our 30 minutes of mentoring and we are so glad we did. Now, our relationship has improved, work has become easier, money is starting to flow. Robert and Rachael have helped change our life!
Carl & Sally-Anne. T
United Kingdom, Bristol

From Being Out of Luck to the Best Day Ever!

Got a big fat testimonial for your work. I talked to my buddy Trevor last night. He was super frustrated, he’d had a dry spell as a car salesman for two weeks, barely making any money, while the rookie at the company has been mining gold, and rubbing it in. I told Trevor to let go of physical reality and do some HoOponoPono instead. I explained your version of it, and told him to do it. This afternoon, he texted me, ecstatic. Told me that he did the exercise, using the mirror, he had an amazing experience. Then he shows up to work today, and not only has the rookie run out of luck (and attitude), but Trevor had the best day he’s had in months, made racks of cash out of nowhere. Gotta love it!

Soulmate Love Restored

I met my soul mate a few years ago. Instantaneously, we became best friends. From the beginning, I felt deep in my heart that this is the love of my life. Our relationship was filled with happiness and growth until our vibrations were somehow not in alignment. A week after Valentine’s day, she ended things. My heart and life were in utter shambles. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I had no idea how to empower myself let alone keep myself sane. So I simply filled in the gaps. I distracted myself as productively as I could. Thankfully I did because it led me to Robert’s podcast. The very first one I listened to regarded saving a relationship. It immediately resonated within me. Since then, the podcasts supplement my days all the time. I eventually learned that I attracted it all. Once I realize that my vibrations needed work and I simply needed guidance on elevating them, I immediately claimed my 30 min the first chance I got. My sessions with Mr. Zink have taught me so much. Lifelong tools to raise my vibrations are what I use all the time. To be honest, the process to getting my soul mate back was a rollercoaster all because of my counter-intentions. Now, we’re giving each other the love that we desire and moving forward in our incredible relationship that keeps getting better and better. I’m truly and deeply grateful for his mentoring. It is really that of miracles. You really have all to gain by claiming your 30 min. Your life will be all the better for it. Mine definitely is.

Attracted my first car!

First off I just want to thank you for the amazing videos and amazing content. With the help of your “Attract a new car” video, I was able to attract my first car!! Not only my first car, but my dream car! My name is Rachael, I’m 19 years old. And yesterday I just purchased a 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution GSR. This car is the car of my dreams. I started doing shamanic tapping for this car only about 2 months ago. Yesterday I found this beauty at a dealership, got the price knocked down low so I could afford it easily, and drove it home! I’m so thankful. Sending love and light your way!

Rachael Clang

I have won multiple times!

I just wanted to tell you that you are amazing. I have been focusing on Abundance and since listening to your audios I have been receiving unexpected money. I listen to the lottery audio during the day an the Abundance at night. I have won the lottery a few times. The amounts I have won were $50 a few times, $300.00 and $500. I am so excited and I know that a large lottery jackpot is coming my way very soon. Once again thank you for your wonderful program.
Erica A.

Save your marriage through the Law of Attraction!

Hello Robert, I worked with you about a year ago. You helped me get reunited with my boyfriend. We were apart for about 3 months. And exactly one year after your coaching, Aaron and I got married. Thank you for helping me to never give up on my vision! I will always apply what I learned with you for future things to manifest in my life. Thanks!


Helped me to be a better man

I just want to take and second and say thanks for helping me to be a better man. And just for the record, there have been some really weird coincidences” Things that I’ll meditate on will become like the theme for the day and I’ll hear my thoughts reflected in the words of others. I know that could just be my own mind making meaning from things in my world, but I really think it’s more than that.
J. Evans

A miracle losing 15lbs in 2.5 months!

I always went to the gym and never was able to shed those extra pounds around the middle. One evening I listened to the podcast “Sugar will mess up your manifesting” , I also listened to the auto manifesting program regularly. The very next day I eliminated dairy, soy, gluten, peanuts, unnatural sugars & GMO from my diet. I had already quit red meat, hard liquor and coffee prior. I noticed I started losing weight since making these changes but I didn’t realize just how much. Once you start doing this your pallet will change and those old foods you no longer will desire. Yesterday I got on the scales and realized I actually lost 15lbs in 2.5 months. I checked on a second scales to make sure is this real and it was. Number 1 believing in my fitness goals and rewiring my sub coconscious brain with the help of Robert. so important!. Anyone can do this with simple changes to their diet, like I did. Thank you Robert and Rachael!

I’m expecting great things

I really enjoyed our talk this morning – thank you. I didn’t realise until you repeated back to me what I say that I said so many disempowering words or had those beliefs. Definitely work to do but at least I have you guiding me – life is pretty cool right now. I’m expecting great things. Everything is moving faster in my life as I am doing the power stance and creative visualisation daily.
Michelle W.

Everything has turned out perfect

Thanks so much Robert for bringing my boyfriend back to me. I tried everything and nothing worked until you and I began working together. I am sorry I doubted you too. Everything has turned out perfect and we are rebuilding our love and our relationship. I will alway be grateful to you and Rachael.

Got my ex back!

I never purchased the miracle mentoring/life coaching, however I listened to the podcast regularly. I went through a crazy break up last year, i was hurt and really at a low point. My ex ended up dating someone else for a year, but I never gave up because I knew that we were meant to be. I had to learn to be patient and stop my mind from going into a negative place. Robert and Rachel’s podcasts were so informative, and helped me put together a plan myself to manifest him back into my life. He eventually came back, and while everything isn’t perfect (nor will it ever be), and we definitely have some things to work on, I am forever grateful for the help that Robert and Rachel provided through podcasts.
Alex S.

Manifesting Accelerator REALLY WORKS

Wow! This program is unbelievably powerful! (Manifesting Accelerator) I am now in my eighth week of training. It has helped me rapidly clear subconscious negative thought patterns and manifest with ease, and often times beyond what I had ever imagined for myself

Here are the highlights so far: I made my year’s sales quota before the end of January. (Last year I did not come close and almost lost my job.) I lost over 20lbs in a 5-week period and gained significant muscle tone. I am now a size 2/4 and rock a bikini in my mid-forties. My hair is thicker. I am meeting handsome, charming, generous men on a regular basis and having a great time dating for the 1st time in over 15 years. I’ve had dreams of people, events, lotto numbers, etc. and then experienced similar events within the week. Three times in the past 2 weeks, when I thought of someone I wanted to talk to, they showed up at the park, gym, or restaurant I was at, out of nowhere. There are more miracles than this, but I’m refraining from writing a novella on this program. (Who knows? Maybe one day though:)

My only warning is to make sure you’re prepared to maintain a healthy, positive mindset because when you train with the Manifest Accelerator what you focus on will manifest!

I searched online for similar programs and an activation program of ‘equivalent value’ (including the Chakra clearings, DNA activation, and visualization exercises) ranged from $1200 – $2500+.

Thank you Robert for creating this program. It is truly miraculous.

Breakup Turned to Marriage

Hello All,

My name is Greg Allder and I want to tell you my story and how Robert and Rachael helped me save my dream.
It’s a LONG story and one that to be honest if I had not had contacted Robert it would not have had a happy ending.
I had met my soul mate but we were both ” damaged goods”. She had a lot of scars from abusive and cheating relationships and I lacked confidence and ability to communicate.

It came to a head Christmas 2016 when my girl and I had a terrible argument which became loud and physical.
I loved her greatly and as much as I wanted it to work everything I said and did made things worse. I was literally suicidal and had nowhere to go and seemingly no hope. My friends did not want me to win her back. My family also and well her family hated me.
I saw Robert’s site after googling LOA. Robert called me after I applied for the 30 min free session and explained we were out of alignment and vibration…he said it was an easy fix.

To be honest I thought this is BS…but we skyped and Robert mentored me.He taught me how if you think and BELIEVE in what you want it WILL happen. Now  am a spiritual person and I am a spiritual person and I bought into this..it was like the parable of the fig tree that Jesus taught about.

Little by little things changed. It WAS hard work. I am sure I stressed Robert and Rachael out to no end but he NEVER gave up and would NOT let me give up ” she is yours, you WILL marry her”. Like I said it was a long fight but without Robert we would not be where we are now…on Dec 29, 2017 I proposed. She said yes. Robert taught me how to communicate better and how to visualize (I still am not sure how it works but his teaching DOES). Be careful of what you think and say …be positive. Be careful what you think…I pictured dropping the ring from top of the Ferris wheel and nearly did (LOL).

Thank you, Robert!

I wholeheartedly say to you all to use Robert and his programme.Thanks a million guys! If anyone wants I am very happy to personally email what Robert and Rachael have done for me.
Greg A.
Sydney Australia

Saved my business! Increased Energy!

In late 2015 I took Robert up on his 30 minutes of free Miracle Mentoring! Wow! That one act has created so much change and excitement in my life, I am eternally grateful! I have done Mentoring, purchased the Money Like Magic product, done the Ruach Healing Training, am participating in the Alchemy Life Coaching training, attended the Manifesting Beyond Belief, and I am never going back to my previous ways of thinking! 2016 was my best year ever in my 6 year old business, and 2017 is already 30% ahead of last year!! With the help of Robert and Rachael I know that my wishes can come true!! Infinite love and gratitude to you both!
Nyna Matysiak

Thank you so very much for everything you are doing!

I’ve been listening to your podcast and YouTube videos, they have helped me a lot. I’ve attached a picture of the manifestation plant i have because i don’t know where else to post it on your site. It’s a rosemary herb. Thank you so very much for everything you are doing. Thank you thank you thank you.

Brittany Dahlem Cole

Helped save my life

In addition to being a long time member of your mystery school, I hope you remember the mentoring you provided in 2002-2004. During this time the advice and techniques you taught helped save my life! Your healing techniques helped reverse my MS diagnosis and regain control of my life. I hope you’ll be pleased to know I still use the Ruach light therapy and remain in full remission to this day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work you do!
Terrence P

A life lived on purpose

I realized that my life wasn’t going as well as it could. It occurred to me that with a mentor I could achieve more. I chose Robert Zink as my mentor. When I began mentoring with Robert Zink he told me to expect massive change. So I did. Through the exercises and applications of the principles that Robert shared with me I was enabled to get past the darkness of getting by getting going. As many have before me I followed the misgivings of misguided people who were peddling the happy enough dream. I had become desperate, settling for what I thought should be good enough for me. And in addition, this is the kicker, I was suffering guilt and shame for wanting more. Well, massive change has occurred, I’m not settling, I have a dream to fulfill and a destiny follow. And, here’s the thing, I have real results, massive results, and did have within only a matter of months.
When you are living life right it doesn’t feel wrong.” Robert Zink told me once and it has stuck with me. A life lived on purpose will be full of purpose. To those who believe they aren’t living their destiny, yes, they who are open to mentoring, and, yes, those who are eager to experience massive change, you just might want to experience personal mentoring or miracle mentoring. You will be astounded when you tap into that root potential and start growing like your truest heart always knew you could. Don’t wait, do it now. Its going to change your life for the better. I look forward to hearing your testimony of success and greatness
Robert B.

Invaluable addition to my skill set

After hearing about a friend’s personal experiences with Robert Zink and Personal Magical Mentoring. The advice that I received and the techniques gained were an invaluable addition to my skill set that I wish I had gained years ago. Miracle Mentoring has changed by life!
Texas, United States

We are more in love now than ever

This is our 3rd Valentine’s Day Mike and I will be together. We are more in love now than ever. Life is wonderful when you’re in love. Your mentoring taught me and anything is possible. You gave me hope. Thanks again from both of us. You were right when you told me that miracles happen all the time. We hope you and Rachael have a wonderful Valentine’s Day. I shall always remain grateful.
Jill and Michael C

$100,000 with irony

A couple years ago I practiced the mantra for an increase of $100,000. Almost 30 days to the day, I received a revaluation of my beach property that was increased exactly $100.000. The irony is that I do not want to sell the property, so now I pay higher taxes on the property, but I am $100,000 richer thanks to your daily exercises that I practiced.
John Robert Wallace

Manifesting $100,000 is Easy

Hi Robert,

Len here, and I wanted to share a story about one of your videos. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7K8SdWRwBoo)

2017 was a tough year both financially and in my business. Nothing but constant struggle and failure and bleeding money. Come 2018 I knew I had to change things and I admitted to myself it was time to find a job in order to gain some stability and reset my situation. After applying for 5 different jobs and being denied for all of them, I was once again feeling defeated, and even starting to feel desperate.

That’s when I had this thought – Why don’t I do a money energy healing? So I set off to YouTube to find a money healing video, and I probably watched 2 or 3 different videos. One of those videos was your Manifest $100,000 Quickly with Shamanic Tapping. While I watched your video and performed the tapping behavior, my entire body started to tingle and get warm, and I was really intrigued by my physical reaction to the tapping manuever.

A few days later I was having a meeting with some business friends and intended to ask this woman if I could work for her in order to learn from her. Well that day, a gentleman who had not been to the meeting in a few months, happened to be in attendance. He was talking about some needs in his business that I knew I was a perfect fit for.

So we spoke a few days later about the details of the job and he asked me to come back to him with some salary ideas. After a bit of research, I determined what the job was worth. When I contacted him with the salary details, which happened to be $100,000, he instantly agreed to the salary without hesitation or negotiation.

It was less than 2 weeks from watching your video and opening myself to all possibilities for income when this $100,000 came into my life!

I appreciate your content and thanks for what you do.


Len C.

Manifest $100,000 Quickly with Shamanic Tapping – VIDEO LINK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7K8SdWRwBoo

Million Dollar Winner

When Amanda S. engaged Robert Zink in his world famous Miracle Mentoring & Alchemy Life Coaching Program, she never expected to win one million dollars. Amanda worked closely with Robert to open up her unlimited power and potential. She destroyed her limiting beliefs and began to accept that someway, somehow, she would attract the money she desired. She started to believe that she could change her life.

I watched the “ladder” video

I watched the “ladder” video yesterday and tried it last night, today i just saw exactly the “ladder”, amazing and I feel Roberts has a very beautiful heart and energy in teaching and sharing the law with everyone.

Got someone to text me!

I have to say I’ve never heard of you, but after work two nights ago, came across a video about how to get someone to text you. I have been trying the whole detachment and let it go thing and thought this was opposite of what I had been doing. Honest to god didn’t even finish the whole video, but in 14 hours i got that text! Im not getting the i miss you or love you or lets try not do this long distance thing and try again, but multiple texts over the last couple of days. There is a language barrier and I keep calling into the old needy thoughts so I am on board and watching like crazy. I had fallen back into some self pity and negative thought for a few days but woke up this morning looking at star, which is actually a picture of who I want and went on with my morning, but before the first cup if coffee yep another text! The texting has gone on all day as our work schedules allowed but the best part is the mention of scheduling another time together, and not from me! I am battling the needy stuff in my head but shaking it out the other ear. Thank you again, more to come!
Michael M.

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