Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

Hi Robert,

Len here, and I wanted to share a story about one of your videos. (

2017 was a tough year both financially and in my business. Nothing but constant struggle and failure and bleeding money. Come 2018 I knew I had to change things and I admitted to myself it was time to find a job in order to gain some stability and reset my situation. After applying for 5 different jobs and being denied for all of them, I was once again feeling defeated, and even starting to feel desperate.

That’s when I had this thought – Why don’t I do a money energy healing? So I set off to YouTube to find a money healing video, and I probably watched 2 or 3 different videos. One of those videos was your Manifest $100,000 Quickly with Shamanic Tapping. While I watched your video and performed the tapping behavior, my entire body started to tingle and get warm, and I was really intrigued by my physical reaction to the tapping manuever.

A few days later I was having a meeting with some business friends and intended to ask this woman if I could work for her in order to learn from her. Well that day, a gentleman who had not been to the meeting in a few months, happened to be in attendance. He was talking about some needs in his business that I knew I was a perfect fit for.

So we spoke a few days later about the details of the job and he asked me to come back to him with some salary ideas. After a bit of research, I determined what the job was worth. When I contacted him with the salary details, which happened to be $100,000, he instantly agreed to the salary without hesitation or negotiation.

It was less than 2 weeks from watching your video and opening myself to all possibilities for income when this $100,000 came into my life!

I appreciate your content and thanks for what you do.


Len C.

Manifest $100,000 Quickly with Shamanic Tapping – VIDEO LINK

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