Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

They say universe has its own way of showing how blessed you’re, and at times when you ask for a sign it proposes you with a number of opportunities that you never knew existed. I have been a firm believer in being optimistic throughout no matter what. But at times when you lose sight of what you take for granted turn tables around, things change because everything needs efforts and consistency to keep it going.

I was heartbroken and lost all the hopes when fate turned, maybe a testing period but I totally panicked and then there was my life savior and all the hopes and answers I could search from someone. My mentor Sheena. The woman who inspired me and gathered back all the confidence in me and allowed me to stand back on my grounds with more positive attitude, confidence and self love. I completely relied on her with all my will and trust. “Do as I say and everything will be back” she said… “The power lies within you”, “you are the power” and there’s this one being my favorite “you’re your own hero”.

I have been constantly in touch with her, and she took all my problems, petty issues and anxiety as well panic attacks and still handled me calmly explaining that I can come over anything and everything. Such a positive happy go lucky kind of soul, I used to love how her words filled me with so much energy. She is not only a mentor but a friend who you could just cry your heart out and be heard. She is Love.

Not only I manifested my perfect partner back in my life which I had lost over a period but I did attract my perfect apartment with everything that I desired and till date I manifest things and always give her a feedback of everything I am grateful for she introduced a complete new energy into me.




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