Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

Dear Robert and Rachael,

I am writing this evening to express my immense gratitude for the help I received JUST through one of your podcasts.

I did an emergency manifesting ritual before an opera audition (I am an aspiring singer – I will be famous one day!). In the past few years I have experienced several personal setbacks, which i allowed to negatively impact my career as a performing artist. The biggest one was a severe alcohol addiction which consumed my life and likely would have taken it had I continued living as I had been.

However, I am so grateful to be writing this to you 2 months sober and with no desire to ever drink or revisit that addiction again. The day after that audition, I got a massive impulse to quit drinking for good, I listened to it, and never looked back. Per the directions of your emergency manifesting ritual, I invoked the power of the universe to bring me a successful audition and a spot in this opera company, OR SOMETHING BETTER.

While I was not offered a spot in that company, I am so impressed to say that I did indeed get something better out of it – sobriety and a second chance at life.

I now understand that in order to achieve my goals as a performer, I must be mentally and physically healthy beforehand. My subconscious already understood this, but it was getting the message to my conscious mind that seemed to be the struggle. Your emergency manifesting ritual, however, helped me overcome this block, and was the powerful catalyst for this hugely positive change in my life.

You truly helped facilitate a miracle – before, I was in total bondage as a result of my addiction. Before, I could barely go a day without drinking, and did not consider myself strong enough to stop. Now, by some, honestly, miracle, I have no desire to ever drink again, and have the power of the universe working on my side to ensure my lifelong success as an artist.

I thank you both from the bottom of my heart. I have been studying the Law of Attraction for a little under a year but the strides I have made in my life with this knowledge have been exponential. The tools that you have provided through your YouTube Videos and Podcasts have been life-changing and will ALWAYS be integral in my own journey.

Soaring high each and every day! Wishing you both the absolute best!

Claire A.

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