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I have to say I’ve never heard of you, but after work two nights ago, came across a video about how to get someone to text you. I have been trying the whole detachment and let it go thing and thought this was opposite of what I had been doing. Honest to god didn’t even finish the whole video, but in 14 hours i got that text! Im not getting the i miss you or love you or lets try not do this long distance thing and try again, but multiple texts over the last couple of days. There is a language barrier and I keep calling into the old needy thoughts so I am on board and watching like crazy.

I had fallen back into some self pity and negative thought for a few days but woke up this morning looking at star, which is actually a picture of who I want and went on with my morning,  but before the first cup if coffee yep another text! The texting has gone on all day as our work schedules allowed  but the best part is the mention of scheduling another time together, and not from me! I am battling the needy stuff in my head but shaking it out the other ear. Thank you again, more to come!

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