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Hello Sheena

Around christmas time i was at my lowest, i was thinking about ending my life, but i was afraid to kill myself so i chose to be depressed and soulless forever. My life has been full of rejections, traumatic experiences, and loneliness. This was just the tip of the iceberg that has disappointed me so much. I came across Robert Zink’s videos and got in touch with Sheena. When I started working with her, i had nothing to lose so I took a chance. At first i was very skeptical but after one month i starting to feel some changes within myself, i started feeling happier and i started to understand how my subconsious works. As soon as i started feeling better, i attracted a new happy and healthy relationship with a guy who was working in my job and i have never noticed. The goal of this life coaching was to attract my ex back, but i have found someone better, who treats me good and is always there for me. I have also manifested a new job with more money, better work shifts and more leaves. I have found new hope in my life and i am getting better every day.
I Lots of love

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