Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

About a year ago my husband and I had issues with our marriage. To make a long short, I was the one who caused the mess with everything. Lies, cheating and so on. Everything was crumbling and we were on the verge of losing everything. After a weeks after talking to Robert Zink, things started to take a turn again. It was time to stop everything I did before and change me. My husband started coming out of his shell. He sat down with me for an open discussion. We talked about everything; why, how come and so on. I let him know everything from the past to present what was wrong with me, what I felt was wrong with him. He went from a really mad face to a grin. My husband hugged me and said, “I finally understand now.” Our trust started to rebuild again.  A few weeks later, out of nowhere, my husband hugged me and said: “I know this random, but I had time to think about everything. I am a douche for treating you the way I did. We have been together for 8 years and you are all I want” I am a co-creator and thank you, Robert, for the push.

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