Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

Just when I thought nothing is working out for me, Sheena has shown me much more than I couldʼve even imagined. I always thought happiness is from whatʼs physically around me, and had to be shown through other people. After my sessions with Sheena, I have learnt much more and realized a lot more than I actually wouldʼve thought. I was able to manifest the things I wanted in my life and still am manifesting through her teachings. I manifested the guy that I desired which was from the start the main reason why I contacted Sheena but I feel like I won much more with her teachings. I am extremely grateful for the circumstances that I had to face as this was the road for me to have contact with an inspiring person that genuinely cares about the well being of others. With all that I have learnt, I am now a much more stronger person and I feel that now nothing can bring me down and to be in that state where I was before my sessions with Sheena. I have fallen in love with myself more and more each day from the time I had my first session and LOVE putting myself first before anything. I learnt that prioritizing myself was key to all your goals and being happy and grateful for your current state is one of the biggest keys to manifesting. I now absolutely enjoy the process of manifesting my dreams, absolutely love journaling, meditating and visualizing perhaps more than the actual outcome.

I am very very grateful for Sheena, and definitely grateful to Robert who suggested me to contact Sheena, it has literally changed my life and cannot wait in future to do more sessions.

Thankyou !

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