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Hello All,

My name is Greg Allder and I want to tell you my story and how Robert and Rachael helped me save my dream.
It’s a LONG story and one that to be honest if I had not had contacted Robert it would not have had a happy ending.
I had met my soul mate but we were both ” damaged goods”. She had a lot of scars from abusive and cheating relationships and I lacked confidence and ability to communicate.

It came to a head Christmas 2016 when my girl and I had a terrible argument which became loud and physical.
I loved her greatly and as much as I wanted it to work everything I said and did made things worse. I was literally suicidal and had nowhere to go and seemingly no hope. My friends did not want me to win her back. My family also and well her family hated me.
I saw Robert’s site after googling LOA. Robert called me after I applied for the 30 min free session and explained we were out of alignment and vibration…he said it was an easy fix.

To be honest I thought this is BS…but we skyped and Robert mentored me.He taught me how if you think and BELIEVE in what you want it WILL happen. Now  am a spiritual person and I am a spiritual person and I bought into was like the parable of the fig tree that Jesus taught about.

Little by little things changed. It WAS hard work. I am sure I stressed Robert and Rachael out to no end but he NEVER gave up and would NOT let me give up ” she is yours, you WILL marry her”. Like I said it was a long fight but without Robert we would not be where we are now…on Dec 29, 2017 I proposed. She said yes. Robert taught me how to communicate better and how to visualize (I still am not sure how it works but his teaching DOES). Be careful of what you think and say …be positive. Be careful what you think…I pictured dropping the ring from top of the Ferris wheel and nearly did (LOL).

Thank you, Robert!

I wholeheartedly say to you all to use Robert and his programme.Thanks a million guys! If anyone wants I am very happy to personally email what Robert and Rachael have done for me.

Greg A Sydney Australia

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