Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

I begin watching you on Youtube about two months ago. Your channel has changed my life. I am so in touch with myself , and this has changed my life. I have manifested the love of my life back after one year of no communicating, I have manfested money , and new opportunities.
Last Saturday I was sitting home, I sent a beautiful text message to my love , and after one year he replied back a few minutes later. The time of his reply was 4:44PM, EST. He stated that he had been thinking about me too, but thought that I was dating someone else. That same evening we connected and are now communicating on a regular basis. I manifested this and in the past have tried other methods, but your video’s and Podcasts have truly worked for me. I cannot thank you enough. I can visualize and manifesting my desires . I have you to thank you.

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