Direct Result from Master Manifesting 2021 Masterclass

Hi Robert and Rachel, Thank you for all you do. I watch most of your videos for the past 3yrs they have always helped me. I recently attended  winter solstice class the attached pictures are proof. Back in August, a neighbor made a false call to suicide prevention number which sent “officers” to my house […]

I received $3,700!

I want to thank you for another miracle that has happened in my life. I received $3,700! Here is the photo. I have been doing what you said and also listening to your hypnosis audio, Miracle Hypnosis Online, “Success Beyond My Imagination” I also have listened to your video on Attracting Large Sums of Money, How […]

The Power of Letting Go and Positive Thinking

Sheena has been working with from last 3 weeks i have seen power of letting go and positive thinking. I am in progress with my manifestations. I express my gratitude to you and Sheena for being there with me! Alpana

Amazing Man, Amazing Relationship

Hi Robert & Rachael, I hope this finds you well. I have no doubt it will with your amazing outlook on life. I’m happy to report I’ve met an amazing man. We’ve been together four months, and it just keeps getting better and better. Robert, you had suggested I write a letter to the man […]

Forgivness & Love

About a year ago my husband and I had issues with our marriage. To make a long short, I was the one who caused the mess with everything. Lies, cheating and so on. Everything was crumbling and we were on the verge of losing everything. After a weeks after talking to Robert Zink, things started […]

I am Manifesting – LOA Works

I just thought I should send you a quick email to make you aware of what’s been going on with me recently, I took part in your manifestation webinar a few weeks back which I absolutely loved. I got so much education from the webinar that was badly needed, I’ve been trying to use the […]

Money Like Magic

The Money Like Magic program paid for itself, I was listening to it in the car, parked, stepped out, and found 20 dollars. I know I am manifesting great abundance. Thanks for starting me on a path to prosperity.

Love of My Life

Life has been just amazing lately. I attracted my something better. He is a good man with a kind heart. We laugh together so much and enjoy each other’s company to the point we wonder if each other are even real. You helped me tremendously by opening my eyes to all my doubts, fears and […]

Life changing

I really didn’t know what to expect from Robert and Rachael manifesting beyond belief workshop but what an incredible experience. The energy as we where being trained was electrifying. I learnt the Ruach Healing Method and in the process I have learnt so much about myself. Thank you for such a spiritual weekend. I am […]

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