Million Dollar Winner

When Amanda S. engaged Robert Zink in his world famous Miracle Mentoring & Alchemy Life Coaching Program, she never expected to win one million dollars. Amanda worked closely with Robert to open up her unlimited power and potential. She destroyed her limiting beliefs and began to accept that someway, somehow, she would attract the money […]

Direct Result from Master Manifesting 2021 Masterclass

Hi Robert and Rachel, Thank you for all you do. I watch most of your videos for the past 3yrs they have always helped me. I recently attended¬† winter solstice class the attached pictures are proof. Back in August, a neighbor made a false call to suicide prevention number which sent “officers” to my house […]

$100,000 with irony

A couple years ago I practiced the mantra for an increase of $100,000. Almost 30 days to the day, I received a revaluation of my beach property that was increased exactly $100.000. The irony is that I do not want to sell the property, so now I pay higher taxes on the property, but I […]

Got someone to text me!

I have to say I’ve never heard of you, but after work two nights ago, came across a video about how to get someone to text you. I have been trying the whole detachment and let it go thing and thought this was opposite of what I had been doing. Honest to god didn’t even […]

The Power of Letting Go and Positive Thinking

Sheena has been working with from last 3 weeks i have seen power of letting go and positive thinking. I am in progress with my manifestations. I express my gratitude to you and Sheena for being there with me! Alpana


Watched your video receiving unexpected money in 24 hours The next day my daughter was approved for a multi year student loan for $3000 dollars more than what I manifested for. She is heading into her 3rd year. We were not sure what we were going to do financially to pay for the next 2 […]

Save your marriage through the Law of Attraction!

Hello Robert, I worked with you about a year ago. You helped me get reunited with my boyfriend. We were apart for about 3 months. And exactly one year after your coaching, Aaron and I got married. Thank you for helping me to never give up on my vision! I will always apply what I […]

From Being Out of Luck to the Best Day Ever!

Got a big fat testimonial for your work. I talked to my buddy Trevor last night. He was super frustrated, he’d had a dry spell as a car salesman for two weeks, barely making any money, while the rookie at the company has been mining gold, and rubbing it in. I told Trevor to let […]

I have won multiple times!

I just wanted to tell you that you are amazing. I have been focusing on Abundance and since listening to your audios I have been receiving unexpected money. I listen to the lottery audio during the day an the Abundance at night. I have won the lottery a few times. The amounts I have won […]

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