Signs You Have Negative Energy In Your Home & What To Do About It

Are you surrounded by or infused with negative energy negative energy can be a serious detriment to progress in your life and your ability to manifest the life that you desire. Negative energy can ruin your career, it can destroy your health, it can cause divorce and/or breakups. Removing negative energy from your life and […]

Remove Negative Emotions Using Neuro Linguistic Alchemy

remove negative emotions

The following is easy to use an exercise of removing negative emotions, blocks, fears and doubts from your mind. This practice is created from an N.L.P. method called the “swish” technique, however,  it goes further to bring abiding transformation. In the exercise that you will learn, you will awaken higher vibrations, which is essential in […]

Law of Attraction Secrets: Success and Nothing Less Science

Law of Attraction Secrets: Success and Nothing Less

  Rachael and I just received a letter from someone who purchased our new book,  Law of Attraction Secrets: Success and Nothing Less Science.  We were thrilled that the woman who wrote us, is already vastly improving her life in many different ways. What is more exciting is that she is already beginning to attract […]

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