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Success & Failures In Healing Cancer

healing cancer

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I have a strong personal interest in assisting people to heal from life threatening diseases such as cancer. Like most mystical based health practitioners, I have seen clients healed from using power attraction processes that involved Ruach Healing, Golden Dawn Magic and Neuro-linguistic Alchemy. Sadly, I have also seen clients die from the same cancers. I have had the great fortune to have terminal people come to me and state that the good doctors no longer finds any cancer in their bodies. On the other hand, I have seen my own father fade away from terminal cancer with only moderate success in helping him keep a life of quality. The solution in the past for most mystical health practitioners was a one prong approach using some form of holistic healing or spiritual healing method. Now we are moving to a triad approach, while at the same time working on the microcosm and the macrocosm at the same time. We are invoking the power of Golden Dawn style magic, Neuro-Linguistic Alchemy (the next generation of NLP) and Ruach Healing which has been described as Reiki on steroids, and other holistic methods of returning the body, mind and soul to a state of balance and harmony.

While we understand that healing cancer, for example, can be cured using mind-body processes, it is important to know that IT CAN be healed on a consistent basis. I believe our success rate will continue to improve as we invoke this triad approach. (BTW this does not even include traditional treatments which cannot be ruled out, or massive diet changes which will affect the vibrational nature of the cells within the body.)

In future articles I will describe a format for effectively healing cancer and similar life threatening illnesses. I will also explain the one process which I consider is missing in current NLP treatment formats, but is found in NLA and Ruach Healing/mystical healing approach of invocation of specific energies as employed by the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn.

Over this last century, health professionals in the west are discovering the incredible power of the mind to heal the body. Many are coming to awareness that the body/mind is really one.

Research demonstrating this in relation to healing cancer treatments was published by Dr Carl and Stephanie Simonton from Dallas Texas, in their book Getting Well Again (1978). Working with 159 people considered to have medically incurable cancer (average life expectancy 12 months) the Simonton’s reported two years later that 14 clients had no evidence of cancer at all, 29 had tumors which were stable or regressing, and almost all had lived well beyond the 12 month “limit” (p 11-12). Essentially, 10% were cured and 20% were curing themselves. The Simonton’s invoked a combination of visualization, biofeedback, goal setting, exercise, resolving internal conflicts, pulling on family support, and releasing resentment. They explained their success based on psychoneuroimmunology (the way the mind affects the nervous system which in turn affects the immune system).

In Mind-Body Therapy (1988) Ernest Rossi and David Cheek provided another coherent model for achieving this success, using ideodynamic communication (hypnotic communication with the unconscious mind). Using an NLP technique called reframing Robert Dilts, Tim Hallbom and Suzi Smith in the publication of Beliefs (1990) developed new more effect ways for understanding the same processes. Dilts’ book begins with his mother’s breathtaking account of healing cancer after 4 days of NLP to change limiting beliefs and resolve internal conflicts. Ian McDermott and Joseph O’Connor published NLP and Health (1996) six years later giving a thorough review of how NLP techniques can be used to mobilize the immune system to maintain health and heal illness.

These models are exciting but this leads us to a question about the other 70% in the Simonton’s studies?” There seems to be a great fear of statistical research in the field of complementary healing, including in the NLP community. This is related in our experience to a kind of incongruity amongst “healers”, who know that their methods only sometimes deliver the success they are promoting. Understandable they have short term memory when is comes to their previous clients who did not get cured. Certainly for the individual client, statistics take on a different meaning. Clients don’t really care about statistics, they just want a fighting chance to get better. If a client’s cancer heals, it heals, and so you have not 10% success but 100% success. For us as NLP/NLA/Ruach Healing Practitioners though, our interest is also in shifting a larger group of people into the situation of being fully cured. Part of this is being accomplished with the next generation of NLP called Neuro-Linguistic Alchemy. We combing this with Ruach Healing, and classical mystical methods as taught by the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn and our expectation rise dramatically. The level of certainty is magnified because we are not simply relying on one mental modality. We need to set goals, and build styptical evidence.

I will share more of my thoughts on the healing cancer in combination with the traditional establishment in up coming of this article. Suffice it to say, it will go far beyond programming and into the realm of personal alchemy that is found within the N.L.A. model based on N.L.P.

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