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Stop Suffering And Attract More Light Into Your Life

stop suffering

We all want to stop suffering and attract more light. From the Law of Attraction we learn to attract that which is in alignment with our current vibration. For example: if we tend to feel prosperous, we attract fortune and abundance; if we focus our thinking our suffering and fearful ways, we tend to attract negativity and obstacle. What’s the nature of this maze where you can stop suffering and attract more light ? How does all this work? Can we completely move from thoughts of suffering to attracting more light, thus putting ourselves in alignment with receiving fortune and abundance? I believe that the answer is yes! One of the most powerful tools for accomplishing this, is the Law of Attraction. Let’s examine how the Law of Attraction is a powerful tool for aiding you to stop suffering and attract more light. The Law of Attraction also answers some of the deep cryptic questions we all have about suffering, riches, poverty, light, and darkness.

Using the Law of Attraction to stop suffering and attract more light places a twist to natural thinking habits. When in the middle of perceived suffering it feel like you are surrounded in darkness. What is darkness? Here is the answer and the twist of thinking: all darkness is truly in essence condensed light. You can stop suffering because the light is already there. The light is in the suffering. All suffering contains within its inner nature the key to stop suffering and transcend toward light. In all sufferings are reflections of spheres of wholeness and perfect light.

This truth of light being contained in suffering is self evident in alchemy. In alchemy, we see transformation as a meta concept. Within the meta concept of transformation, there is purification and distillation; the breaking down and then separation of the substance with the purpose. Alchemy transforms one thing that is not completely useful into something special and wonderful. The painful stage in alchemy is in general called the “dark work”. In other words, suffering is part of the transformation process.

In human experiences we tend clinging to old ways, old life, old substances, and old relationships. You can stop suffering and attract more light by accepting the transformation process. The Law of Attraction is the alchemical rope that can be used to pull us out of the dark pit of suffering and back into the Light. Everyone has time of great trial when all their thoughts and actions are to stop suffering. The suffering can be physical, emotional, financial or relational. Whatever the suffering is, it cannot nor should not be ignored that this suffering is temporary. When you apply the Law of Attraction to the suffering, you so the suffering as just the alchemical process of transformation. The dark pieces of suffering are being transformed and removed to reveal the light. “Despise not suffering for it is the initiatory of the soul.” (GD Initiation). Apply the Law of Attraction and stop suffering. See yourself transform from the cocoon of suffering to the freedom of the butterfly.

The first potential pitfall when using the Law of Attraction arrives the instant we feel the discomfort of the obstacle, situation or suffering. All we can see is the suffering. Our thoughts begin to nag at our own inner being and urgently tugs at our ego. We cry out inwardly of how things “ought to be”. We tend to become dazed by the stark distinction between the wealth we’ve began cultivating and the sword that has been thrown directly into our palace. We often become shocked and frozen at the chaos of a universe that might send such disaster and disturbance into our interior at such a important time. After all it seemed that everything was going so good. The origin of our reaction of such a cry of injustice derives from one faulty assumptions. This assumption is that we can build a defense system that will shoot down these kinds of events from happening in the first place. We believe that we have a system in place to stop suffering.

Some people were shocked when Dr. Wayne Dyer was diagnosed with a type of leukemia. How could a man who practices the Law of Attraction and positive thoughts fall to such a disaster. Or how about Donald Michael Kraig, a world renowned magician who wrote the book Modern Magick. How and why did he develop painful pancreatic cancer which caused his death? We live in a fallen state where we all encounter suffering. What this means is that our world is mortal. It is doubtful that anyone can build a defense system against every sword thrown into the palace, but what we can do is learn the skills of managing the meaning of suffering. The Law of Attraction is a skills that changes our mind set to help us stop suffering and attract more light.

The time to build a stronger bridge to attracting more light with the Law of Attraction is when all is well, when abundance is at an apex. This is the time to develop solid Law of Attraction thinking patterns. All the prior moments when you have used the Law of Attraction to stop suffering will empower your life in every direction. It will also empower the moments when you are at the apex of the mountain or in the valley of purification.

There is nothing in the world, no particle that does not contain the molecule of light once purified. All suffering contains light. When you look at all light coming from a Divine Source/God/Universal Mind/Light or Infinite Field of Potential, you realize that the light you attract with the Law of Attraction is exponentially powerful. Therefore, your thoughts and higher vibrational connection will begin to attract more of these molecules of light. This light of Divine Source/Infinite Field of Potential is found in everything, for nothing can exist apart of Source. In simplistic explanation, you will attract more of the light out of the darkness of suffering. The swords thrown in your castle will be blunted a bit by your higher vibrational connection to Divine Source/Infinite Field of Potential.

middle pillarThere is no reality and no suffering where the Divine Source/Infinite Field of Potential cannot be found, exalted, and magnified. It is your task make this connection to Divine Source/Infinite Field of Potential daily through our thoughts and actions. The Law of Attraction can help connect you to the Divine Source/Infinite Field of Potential and stop suffering. If you are looking for something more tangible to stop suffering, use meditation. Meditation will also enhance your connect to Divine Source/Infinite Field of Potential.

I would like to share one simple meditation with you to empower yourself to stop suffering and attract more light. This meditation is the Middle Pillar exercise by Israel Regardie. Simply the act of lighting up the aspects of the Sphere of Sensation will begin to elevate your thoughts to a higher vibrational state, as well as positively affect your subconscious and physical body on a quantum level.

You may not control everything that happened in the world or in our life, but you are master of your destiny. You can stop suffering and attract more light.



The following is an exercise that will enable you to raise energy deepening your connection to Divine Source or the Infinite Field of Potential. The Middle Pillar Exercise raises energy by vibrating different ancient names for Divine Source or the Infinite Field of Potential while focusing on bringing white light into the energy centers of the body. (See picture above) Vibrating a name is more than just speaking it. Vibrating is a long slow pronunciation that is done in one tone without inflection or fluctuation. This vibrating is a key to raising energy. To help understand vibrating names you will find an audio clip at the end of each step. PLEASE NOTE: This exercise should be done in the morning to create a current that carries you through your whole day. It is an energizing exercise makes it hard to sleep when done at night.

Step 1: Relaxing & Prayer

Facing west (the direction of sunset) with feet together, standing straight, begin quieting the mind. Begin the Four Fold Breath by deeply inhaling through the nose for the count of four, hold it for a count of four, and then release it slowly through the mouth for a count of four, and again hold it a count of four. Continue breathing like this until you develop a rhythm. When you have achieved this four count rhythmic of breathing and your body is relaxed, say a small prayer to Divine Source or Infinite Field of Potential. Saying the prayer helps your mind become elevated. Whenever possible praying and speaking out loud is best for the elevation of the mind. The following is the prayer I say.

“Oh Source of Infinite Potential, the Vast and Mighty One, Ruler of the Light and the Darkness, I adore You and I invoke You. Look with favor upon me, as I now stand humbly before You and grant Your aid unto the highest aspiration of my soul, that I may be enabled to accomplish The Great Work to the glory of Your ineffable name. Amen!”

Step 2: Crown

Visualize a sphere or ball of brilliant white light, the size of a dinner plate, above your head, the purest and brightest that you can see in your mind’s eye. Taking your time to feel its presence, begin vibrating the Divine name Eheieh.Vibration should be in monotone at natural C, and elongated in the pronunciation. Choose to vibrate this name and the names to follow between 2-4 times.

Step 3: Throat

Keeping the sphere of light above your head bright and brilliant. Now visualize a line or beam of light being drawn down from the sphere above your head. Move the beam down through your head to the region of the throat. At this point of the throat, use the beam of light to visualize another sphere forming. The sphere at your throat should be just as bright as the sphere above your head but not as large. Make this sphere at your throat bright and make it encompassing the whole region of the throat. Now vibrate the Divine name YHVH Elohim. Be sure to vibrate this name the same number of times you choose to vibrate the first name.

Step 4: Solar Plexus

Once again, visualize another beam of light emanating from the sphere in the throat region, moving the beam down into the region of the solar plexus. Form another sphere of light here at the solar plexus which is a little larger than the sphere in the throat. Now vibrate the Divine name YHVH Eloah Veda’ath.

Step 5: Groin

In the same way as before, bring a beam of light down from the sphere in the solar plexus to the region of the groin. Form another sphere of light at the groin. Make it bright seeing your groin area filled with a sphere of bright white light. Now vibrate the Divine name Shaddai El Chai.

Step 6: Feet

Moving down once again, visualize another beam of light emanating from the sphere in the groin area and shooting toward the region of the feet. See the feet completely engulfed in another sphere of bright white light. Now vibrate the Divine name Adonai ha-Aretz.

Step 7: Completion

When this last step is completed, you should have a total of five spheres. Each sphere is brightly illuminated and all connected by one beam of light. Take a deep breath feeling all this light. Know that you are full of energy and connected to Divine Source or the Infinite Field of Potential. With this energy you stop suffering and attract more light. What you have just done is create a sphere of light on your body that correspond to a sephiroth on the Tree of Life. These specific sphere you lit up create the pillar of Mildness on the Tree of Life. The correspondence is shown below.


Throat (aka Invisible)………………………………………Daath

Solar Plexus……………………………………………………Tiphareth



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