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Stop Fear and Anxiety – Live Freely!

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Every one of us has some kind of fear – from slight hesitations to debilitating anxieties. It has become so prevalent in our lives that it almost now feels normal and we let it define our existence without even realizing it. Fear is powerful enough to keep us from achieving our goals and living our best possible life. It feeds on stagnation and stops us from taking advantage of opportunities.

A life without fear is something we not only deserve but something that is absolutely possible for all of us, without a single exception. Today we are going to help you eliminate them, and that too for good.

Fear and Anxiety create the same bodily energy as Thrill and Excitement. So, think of the time you were feeling anxious and fearful, you will remember that your heart was racing, your blood pressure goes up, your eyes start dilating and your whole body feels like it’s on fire. Now think about how you feel when you are excited and really thrilled about something. IT THE SAME BODILY FEELING! So why wouldn’t we change our fears and anxiety into thrill and excitement?  Let’s take a negative emotion and now change that into a positive emotion.

Taking the fear of flying as an example, below is a simple, step-by-step process to eradicate your fear for good:

  • Visualize your fear and anxiety – See yourself experiencing the worst-case scenario, dial up the negative energy and fear you are feeling within, feel your heart racing and adrenaline pumping through your body
  • Turn the visual in your head into black and white – Whatever you are seeing, turn the picture into black and white so you remove the ‘life’ out of it
  • Stop all the motion in your head– Create one single black and white photo of your visual and pause that in your mind
  • Visualize the picture becoming smaller and take it further and further away from you – keep doing this until the photo is literally a speck of dust size
  • Say an empowering word that means something to you – take a deep breath and say a word like Free or Now or Yes or anything that makes you feel good and powerful
  • Immediately visualize an empowering image in full color- For example, if you are getting rid of the fear of flying then imagine yourself landing and seeing your loved ones, hugging and feeling that warmth and love


  • Focus on how amazing you feel – Dial up the feelings of happiness, peace, joy, excitement you feel thinking about that empowering image


  • Repeat the same process 10 times till the Fear completely disappears– Repeat this for 10 days straight, 10 times in a row till you fear replaced with excitement

To add that extra edge to the process, you can follow this method with Shamanic Tapping and creating a green energy ball and soaking yourself in that energy.

Let go of your fears and anxiety and live your life freely the way you were born to.


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