by Sheena Shah, Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coach

The first question you should be clear about, before even desiring a soulmate is – Why do you want to manifest your soulmate?

Is it because that person will help you feel whole and complete? Is it because you just want to be and feel loved? Or is it because you feel lonely and incomplete? Or is it because you just want someone to tell you that you are amazing? Or is it so it is off your checklist and you feel successful at life?

We have all felt some or all of the above, at some point of time in our life but the honest truth is that all of these are the kind of qualities you need to have in your relationship with yourself. And until you don’t have all these within yourself, even the relationship that you do find will be lacking.

So, if you desire to manifest your ‘dream relationship’ you first be equally committed to create, develop and consistently work on this relationship with yourself. You absolutely deserve it!!

Learning to love and accept yourself as you are, will ensure that you are wholly aligned with the universe and help you manifest your soulmate much quicker and faster.

But of course, there are some simple tools that you can use to manifest that man/woman you always ached for, so here are a few of my favourite tips:


Whether it is meditating, dancing, doing affirmations or practicing gratitude or all of them, it is absolutely key to keep your vibration high. The more consistently you vibrate at a high frequency and vibration, the more likely you are to attract your soulmate to you.

Work on choosing happiness regularly and doing things that make you feel absolutely amazing from within. Stay at a blissful state where you feel deeply loved and grateful for just being alive.



You are a special, unique and amazing human who has a lot to offer the world. So, start with making a list of all the aspects of you, that you love? And these are also going to be qualities that your partner is going to love in you.

Make a list of all the things that make you, YOU and what you can offer this new relationship you are going to be in. Don’t forget to toot your own horn!



This one is absolutely KEY. Be clear about what your relationship would feel like. Don’t focus on his/her eye colour, hair colour or waist size. But on the ‘feelings’ that this relationship would bring up for you – how you would feel being with him/her, the things you would enjoy doing together, common goals and values you would share etc.

Also think about how you would feel if this person were in your life – would you be more spontaneous? Would you feel more affectionate? Would you feel more giving?



Look at the feelings your have listed in Step 3 and most likely you will notice that a lot of those feelings already exists in your life. So all you have to do now is amp up those feelings that are already present in your life.

For example, you probably would say that – I would feel deeply loved if I was in a relationship right now. But when you genuinely look at your life right now, you will see that you are loved from the external world (your parents, friends, family etc) to deep within you. So the feelings you desire are already present in your life currently.

So focus on how you can feel the feelings you desire right now in your life. How can you feel more loved, cherished, respected, wanted and desired?. This will help you feel at one with your soulmate and your relationship with him/her.



When you feel like you are genuinely ready, affirm to the universe that you are open to love, you are open to opportunities and you are open to whatever way the Universe deems fit.

Be open to manifesting your soulmate. Allow your soulmate to manifest in whatever way the Universe thinks is perfect for you.

Don’t worry about how and when. Don’t set limitations on when is a good time for it to happen. Don’t focus on where it is going to happen. Be open to your soulmate manifesting in every way possible, in expected and unexpected ways.



One of the biggest misconceptions about The Law of Attraction is that you can desire something and it will walk into your life. As much as this is true, there is a huge element that is required to make LoA work for you – inspired action!

So, don’t forget to take action to move towards your soulmate relationship. Whether it is – saying hi to that guy who smiles at you at the coffee shop or going for that get-together that makes you feel awkward/shy. Put yourself out there and let your magnetism attract.

Remember, to take action towards manifesting your soulmate but remain detached from the outcome. The more you focus on the how and when, you will block the energy and make your manifestations so much harder.

To sum it all up, always remember that the Universe is listening to all of your thoughts, words and even text messages. It always has your back and will always want the best for you. So, keep your vibration high, stay open to any possibility and keep taking inspired action towards your goals. And before you know it, the love that you crave will be yours!


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