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Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

We all live in a world where everything is a competition. There is competition everywhere you look starting from getting admissions in schools to wanting to buy a new house. Everybody expects you to be the best, to do something different, to be special and unique. The best way a person can be special and unique is by being their true selves, by being real, and by listening to their inner wisdom. Manifesting is a fun process but have you ever shifted your attention to the smallest details that are of utmost importance while you are manifesting? What are the smallest details and skills you should master while you are manifesting your dream life? Let me make it easier for you

  1. Ability to receive: As it is said “Being at the correct place at the correct time is very important. You need to know where you should be and from where you should leave when it’s required. Likewise if you are not allowing yourself to receive your manifestation what’s the use of manifesting? The most common thing that keeps happening with people is that they don’t even know if they are in the receiving mode. They do all the work but at the back of their mind there are certain blockages that they themselves are not aware of .This can be due to feeling of unworthiness ,not being able to believe in themselves, the simple faith that good things can happen ,people lack in smallest of details and don’t even know it. Start noticing yourself, are you relaxed or stressed all the time and I don’t mean just mental stress Notice your body language, are your shoulders at ease? Are your legs feeling relaxed? Is your back and forehead stiff? We tend to create a lot of stress and  struggle for ourselves and start believing that life is a struggle .Ease out and relax, this unnecessary stress in your body creates blockages and pushes you away from receiving mode
  2. Turn you attention: Whenever you feel like you are getting into a stressful or bad vibration ,step out of it .Turn your attention towards what you do want and not on what you do not want .This is a simple skill but creates a huge difference. When you start focusing on what you want to manifest you genuinely shift into a positive vibration. Being aware when you are about to go down is really important because after that in a matter of minutes you can shift your energy .A small walk around your block listening to good music or doing whatever makes you happy will put you in a good mood but TURN YOUR ATTENTION and STEP OUT IT.You can use techniques like “change the story”, affirmations and journaling to shift your energy .Clean your surroundings ,your room and start shifting small things around you like frames, plants ,rearrange your closet .This will  clear your energy and put you in a fresh mood.
  3. Listen to your inner wisdom: Knowing how to listen to your inner wisdom and actually following it is an essential skill in this world .We are often misled to believe what  people think of us and start acting  according to it. What will people think and say is a deciding factor for so many families and ruins so many decisions for people. Career, love, money every decision is influenced by the judgement of the world instead people should always listen to their inner self and do what they actually want to do. There is always a voice in your head that is guiding you through life. Start listening to the little voice in your head and shut everything else of the outer world..
  4. Inspired action: Hustle culture is very popular right now .Everybody wants to work 20, 30 hours just for their goal .They start ignoring their sleep schedule, food timings and stop taking out time for themselves .A balanced life is 100 times better than a hectic and busy life .Imagine you have the time to relax, work and have fun but still be passionate and achieve every goal in life .This is what a balanced life looks like, you get to do the work and also the fun part without feeling guilty. Inspired action only arises if you are doing something you are passionate about. It won’t feel like hard work but will feel like passionate work. More amount of enjoyment and interest and less anxiety and moodiness.

These are 4 essential skills that will help you through your manifestation journey and bring more miracles and blessings in your life. Lack of practice can bring down the most talented person too so it’s better to combine effort with passion and interest and achieve every goal in life.

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