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Six Secrets to Manifesting Money

Many people believe money is evil. If you have those beliefs stuck in your head, you will have some serious challenges when it comes to manifesting large sums of cash.
Manifesting Money

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If you are on this site,  you are either a powerful manifestor, or you are about to become one.  Congratulations, you are about to begin manifesting money with less effort and no struggle. Read these six secrets to manifesting more money and apply them ASAP.


The Law of Attraction provides unlimited resources for whatever you desire, especially money.  There are a few things you will want to keep in mind.  The first is that the Law of Attraction creates a funnel of manifestation based on what you are, not what you want.  Everyone wants money!  The second thing to keep in your thoughts is that money is energy and energy are attracted to passion.  Develop a love for money, for attracting it, investing it and more.  Finally, money is good.  Many people believe money is evil.  If you have those beliefs stuck in your head, you will have some serious challenges when it comes to manifesting large sums of cash.



Here are a few secrets to begin your journey is manifesting more money in your life.  Once thing you should understand, the money is coming if it’s not already here.  Your belief in this fact is critical to your success.


1.     Design clear, passionate intentions.   Unless your intentions are clear, and you can see them without a doubt or haze, you will bounce around like a pinball ball.  Get clear, and design goals that fill you with fire a passion.  Settle for nothing less that what you sincerely desire.Soon you will be manifesting money.

2.     Create a Manifesting Mind.   Your mind must be working for you, not against your intentions.  You can help your brain develop a manifesting mindset by establishing affirmations that begin with the word, “ I AM.”  This puts your mind in present tense and your mind will tend to match the reality that you live with the reality that you affirm.  BTW, do your affirmations often throughout the day.

3.     ACT AS IF:  Give up acting as if you are broke.  I am not suggesting that you spend money you don’t have, but move out of the poverty mindset, by acting as if you already have a pile of money.  Remember the Universe matches what you are not what you want, so be exactly what you want.

4.     Be Grateful for the Money You Have.   Gratitude is one way to put your mind is a receptive, manifesting mindset.  Pull out a bill and hold it in your hand and give that for the money.  Exclaim to the Universe that you love the energy of money and that you will always be a good steward of money and prosperity.

5.     Learn About Money, to Get Good at Manifesting Money.  If you begin dating someone new, you might ask all kinds of questions.  You want to know everything you can about them.  The same applies to your new BFF, money.  Learn about real estate, gold and silver investing, MLM, Credit score, Penny Stocks and more  The more you know about money, the faster the money will come pouring into your life.

6.     Create a Money Board   If you had a special friend, you might hand a picture of your friend in your home.  Do the same with money, with one exception.  Hang a picture in your home of what money is going to buy you. Using this method you will be manifesting money very quickly. Perhaps you will want to hand a picture of your new board, or a new home, or dream vacation.  Look at the picture often and remind yourself that you already own it.  Remember, everything begins as an idea, an image.  Once the desire is strong enough, the money will flow like never before and sooner than you can guess, you will be moving into your new home.


You are a creator, an attractor and soon you will manifesting money.  Why?  Because you can create anything you desire.  Take action and begin manifesting.  We welcome your input, questions, and experiences.  Share them here; we are always working to be your number 1 site for personal empowerment and the Law of Attraction.  

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  1. One can never come across these powerful secretes to manifesting money elsewhere than this place. I diligently read and digested the steps and it has really enlightened me. Thanks for the wonderful article.

  2. I just discovered some of your You-tube videos recently and this website today, and I sooo appreciate the joy and encouragement you share!!

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