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Signs You Have Negative Energy In Your Home & What To Do About It

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Are you surrounded by or infused with negative energy negative energy can be a serious detriment to progress in your life and your ability to manifest the life that you desire. Negative energy can ruin your career, it can destroy your health, it can cause divorce and/or breakups. Removing negative energy from your life and your home is absolutely essential.

The real question is how do you know if you have negative energy plaguing your home and your environment? Here are a few of the more common signs that you have negative energy infested within your home, your environment, and your life.

1. You are having repeated bad dream. Were not talking about a nightmare now and then, were talking about serious negative dreams on a nightly basis.

2. You feel out of sorts nothing seems to connect anymore.

3. You feel filled with anxiety for no reason at all.

4 you are worried about the future and there really isn’t a concrete reason to be worried

5. Things are falling apart for no reason.

6. You are experiencing unexpected health problems that seem to come one after another.

7. You are feeling drained of energy.

If you’re experiencing one or more of the above symptoms or signs then it is imperative that you begin taking action. Here is some practical action you can take right away. Understand, that if this action doesn’t give you the relief you need, you may need some professional clearing for an extended period of time. We recommend that you visit our website and check out the negative energy removal page.

1. Practice meditation on a daily basis and visualize a positive future see the world that you desire not the world that currently is. Basically what you’re doing here is invoking the power of the law of attraction to begin changing your reality and your vibration. By changing your vibration you will begin to see positive effects in your home with your own life and with your family.

2. Clean your office at home and above all remove the clutter and put it back in its proper place or better yet if you’re not using it on a regular basis donated to the Salvation Army. A cluttered home leads to a cluttered mind and a cluttered mind leads to anxiety, and anxiety leads to negative energy.

3. Take control of your complaining the more you complain the more negative energy you infuse into the atmosphere complaining in general is a lower vibrational energy a complaint attached with a solution can be a positive invocation of energy. So remember complaining for the sake of complaining accomplishes nothing rather focus on solutions and actions that can be taken to remove the reason for your complaint.

4. Smudge your house with Sage. There are number of articles on the Internet on how to smudge your home and I would refer you to them for instructions. It’s a pretty easy task, and quite relaxing to do. If you have persistent negative energy in your home or with your business or your family daily smudging is recommended.

5. Bring nature indoors. The more plants you have in your home that are in good health and vitality the better the energy will be in your plants naturally bring positive vibrational energy so fill your home with positive plants can be a wonderful experience and can raise the vibration of your home dramatically.

6. Sprinkle sea salt on your carpet. Next let it sit there for about an hour or two. If you can do this in the daytime with the windows open it’s even better but not necessary. Next vacuum the sea salt up from the carpet and make sure you dump the contents from your vacuum cleaner out after you are done.

7. Take some freshly squeezed lemons and limes cut them up put them in pure water. Let them set overnight. And then place that water in a mist of fire and allow that fresh scent of lemon and lime to fill your room in your house with higher vibrational clean positive energy. You’ll love the way it smells.

If you need additional help be certain to contact us and check out the negative energy removal page. There is no reason to live in an environment filled with negative energy. We can help.

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