Meet Sheena Shah

Certified Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coach

sheena shah

Manifesting Specialist in Indian and the Pacific Rim

Sheena Shah lives in India. She has been working closely with Robert Zink and the Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy Life Coaching program since July 2017. Since her journey with the Law of Attraction began in 2010 she has been manifesting incredible miracles. She has experience in increasing finances, attracting a happy relationship, and creating incredible health and vitality. Originally trained as a Communication Specialist (Advertising, PR, Sales, Marketing & Digital), Sheena has found her destiny as a Miracle Mentor and an Alchemy Life Coach.

Always having felt that that there is more to her journey in life, Sheena’s experience as a Certified Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coach is fulfilling her passion to help others.




Manifested my partner back, never been happier

They say universe has its own way of showing how blessed you’re, and at times when you ask for a sign it proposes you with a number of opportunities that you never knew existed. I have been a firm believer in being optimistic throughout no matter what. But at times when you lose sight of what you take for granted turn tables around, things change because everything needs efforts and consistency to keep it going.

I was heartbroken and lost all the hopes when fate turned, maybe a testing period but I totally panicked and then there was my life savior and all the hopes and answers I could search from someone. My mentor Sheena. The woman who inspired me and gathered back all the confidence in me and allowed me to stand back on my grounds with more positive attitude, confidence and self love. I completely relied on her with all my will and trust. “Do as I say and everything will be back” she said… “The power lies within you”, “you are the power” and there’s this one being my favorite “you’re your own hero”.

I have been constantly in touch with her, and she took all my problems, petty issues and anxiety as well panic attacks and still handled me calmly explaining that I can come over anything and everything. Such a positive happy go lucky kind of soul, I used to love how her words filled me with so much energy. She is not only a mentor but a friend who you could just cry your heart out and be heard. She is Love.

Not only I manifested my perfect partner back in my life which I had lost over a period but I did attract my perfect apartment with everything that I desired and till date I manifest things and always give her a feedback of everything I am grateful for she introduced a complete new energy into me.




Broke through negative patterns in my life

Kiran here hope you’re doing well. I wanted to share my experience with you for the five life changing sessions I had with you. You have helped me identify the pattern of negative thoughts and redefine them with positive one’s and the one’s which I really wanted to manifest. you helped me communicate better with myself , have a connection and sync with yourself. U have made me realise my dream, stay calm , Focus only on my desires and manifest easily. You have made me change the so called myth that manifesting money is hard. I’ve been smiling more , thankful each day , on the path of manifesting my dreams & goal’s. I can with pleasure say that you are the best in what you are doing, keep helping people achieve their goals , make their lives worthwhile. You are great mentor & Alchemy life coach. You make Robert sir proud. I can easily without a second thought suggest you to my friend’s & family. Gratitude to you coach.

Attracted my Ex back easily

I can say that the best ever thing that has happened to me is Sheena. I was going through a break up and was really very depressed as I really wanted him back into my life. And I was fortunate enough to get in touch with Sheena.

I must say, Sheena’s sessions helped me a lot. I actually understood the working of Law Of Attraction through her. She always focused on healing me first. She always told me that I need to focus on my happiness and then I will get what I want. She taught me different techniques to stay calm, and happy. Most importantly she made me recognize my worth. From day 1 to now, there has been a tremendous positive shift in my thinking . Even if there is chaos around I find peace . I stay calm and happy. She made me to modify my habitual thinking which is really helping me all the time.
I am now more focused on the positive points for a particular thing rather than on its negative points. I have started observing my thoughts and make a quick switch if there is any negative thought entering my mind. This was difficult in the beginning but with her techniques I was able to achieve it.
I now am able to love myself more and with morning meditation I am able to concentrate on the present and plan my day and not think about the past and worry about the future. I have actually started to live in the present moment. The four fold breath keeps me calm and gives me inner peace. Planting my intentions has increased my patience level. I feel joyful. It feels so beautiful , so awesome to see myself in alignment with the higher source. I feel so satisfied , so calm, so focused.
I am feeling more confident, beautiful, more worthy now than I was before. I am feeling that positive energy in me. With being grateful after getting up and before sleeping makes my day awesome. The most exciting thing is that people around me have started noticing positive changes in me for which I am getting compliments, which is a great achievement for me. I really thank Sheena for this 🙂
Now coming to my relationship, My fiancee contacted me and he came to meet me and we got back together.
I am open to everything that the Universe is giving to me. I am very happy now, I feel lot more worthy. I remember Sheena telling me that if I am happy and if I focus on all the good things and if I am at peace no matter what the circumstances are , he will come back to me and I will be attracting more people, the power will lie with me whom to select. I must say I am experiencing it, its happening 🙂 !!!!!
I really thank Sheena a lot for bringing this transformation in me. Love You Sheena, Keep up the good work. 🙂

Found my Soulmate, never been happier!

Hello Sheena

Around christmas time i was at my lowest, i was thinking about ending my life, but i was afraid to kill myself so i chose to be depressed and soulless forever. My life has been full of rejections, traumatic experiences, and loneliness. This was just the tip of the iceberg that has disappointed me so much. I came across Robert Zink’s videos and got in touch with Sheena. When I started working with her, i had nothing to lose so I took a chance. At first i was very skeptical but after one month i starting to feel some changes within myself, i started feeling happier and i started to understand how my subconsious works. As soon as i started feeling better, i attracted a new happy and healthy relationship with a guy who was working in my job and i have never noticed. The goal of this life coaching was to attract my ex back, but i have found someone better, who treats me good and is always there for me. I have also manifested a new job with more money, better work shifts and more leaves. I have found new hope in my life and i am getting better every day.
I Lots of love

Sheena empowers you to find your inner power

S Strong
H Heroic
E Encouraging
E Enlightened
N Natural
A Agile mindset

When I met Sheena for the first time I was at the rock bottom of my life. She empowered me to recognise the power within me. She helped me believe that I am the the steering wheel of the car of my life. Being grateful for all that we have is something we all know, however we completely forget it at the time of crisis and start looking for answers for what’s gone. Sheena helped me align my life back to the where it exactly supposed to be. I will forever be grateful to her. When I desired for someone to hold me and help me bounce back, the Universe sent her.
Thank you Sheena

Extreme Gratitude for Sheena

Just when I thought nothing is working out for me, Sheena has shown me much more than I couldʼve even imagined. I always thought happiness is from whatʼs physically around me, and had to be shown through other people. After my sessions with Sheena, I have learnt much more and realized a lot more than I actually wouldʼve thought. I was able to manifest the things I wanted in my life and still am manifesting through her teachings. I manifested the guy that I desired which was from the start the main reason why I contacted Sheena but I feel like I won much more with her teachings. I am extremely grateful for the circumstances that I had to face as this was the road for me to have contact with an inspiring person that genuinely cares about the well being of others. With all that I have learnt, I am now a much more stronger person and I feel that now nothing can bring me down and to be in that state where I was before my sessions with Sheena. I have fallen in love with myself more and more each day from the time I had my first session and LOVE putting myself first before anything. I learnt that prioritizing myself was key to all your goals and being happy and grateful for your current state is one of the biggest keys to manifesting. I now absolutely enjoy the process of manifesting my dreams, absolutely love journaling, meditating and visualizing perhaps more than the actual outcome.

I am very very grateful for Sheena, and definitely grateful to Robert who suggested me to contact Sheena, it has literally changed my life and cannot wait in future to do more sessions.

Thankyou !