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Sexual Energy and The Law Of Attraction

sexual law of attraction

Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

There is a ton of confusion as to where the Law of Attraction really started. One thing for sure, it did not start with aliens being channeled from outer space or from New Age Guru’s who are truthfully just learning about the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is an ancient principal which is almost timeless. The famous sage Hermes Trismegistus wrote several treatises of which his most famous was the Emerald Tablet. The Emerald Tablet dates back to ancient Egypt, but even the Egyptian did not know for sure who this Hermes was. Many thought him to be a god. The teachings of creating in the higher mental planes in order to manifest in the physical plane, along with the belief that “like attracts like” from Hermes Trismegistus provide the cornerstone of the Law of Attraction.

The modern version of the Law of Attraction finds its roots with people like the famous author Napoleon Hill. He wrote the timeless manual on the Law of Success (Attraction) called, “Think and Grow Rich.” One of Hill’s teachings was that if you want to manifest something in your life you must throw your entire life into. You must devote yourself to it with passion then you will manifest it. It comes down to creating what you want first in your mind, then allowing it to happen in the physical plane. The secret is that seeing the goal in the physical plane comes only after you have done everything possible to make it manifest. You must take action to activate the “like attracts like” process.

So when did sex enter into the Law of Attraction? Hill believed that a person’s passion needed to be so strong, so focused, and so one minded that giving up sex was but a small price to pay. It was believed during those days that sex took up energy. This is only partly true. Think about it…when do you have the most passion and feel the most energize? The answer is SEX!

After years of studying mysticism and the sexual practices of Tantrist groups, I have discovered along with many others that sex does not need to be a drain of energy. Tantrist practice the art of sex in the practice of Tantra. Tantra shows how sexual energy actually can increase a person’s energy and make their energy field radiate even brighter and with more power. When you understand the incredible power of sexual energy, you can actually use it to help manifest your heart’s desire. Here are six simplistic yet effective ways to use the power of sex:

1. Take a picture of what it is that you want to manifest. Say for example, you want to manifest a new boat. Get an actual picture of the boat you want to own; maybe from a boat catalog. Take a felt pen and write on the bottom of the picture, “THIS IS MY BOAT.”

2. Mediate, visualize, and daydream about the boat. See yourself driving your new boat. See it parked in the bay. See the shore from the boat. Feel the wind as you stand on the boat’s bow. Taste the salt water spray. Touch the steering wheel in your mind. Hear the seagull’s cry. Fully throw yourself into the experience by engaging all your senses in your meditation/visualization.

3. After about a week of meditating on the boat you plan to own, make several copies of the photo. Place these photos all around your bedroom. Tape them to all the walls and include some on the ceiling.

4. Begin sexual activity. In this kind of work it is best to engage in slow sex with focus on sexual intercourse. Find positions that where you can keep your eyes on your new boat.

5. Maintain your focus, position and rhythm for about 3 to 7 times without ejaculation or orgasm. This will take a bit of self control.

6. Finally, making certain you are looking at the picture of the new boat, allow yourself orgasm. As you orgasm keep your eyes open so that you send all that energy into your new boat

Allow this energy to propel you toward your desire for a week or two and then do it again. You are energizing you positive intention and moving closer to your goal using sexual energy. Using energy this was is a powerful tool for reprogramming your sub-conscious mind, and removing counter intentions. Soon you will be driving a new boat!

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