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Secrets for Constructing a Successful Vision Board

Vision Board

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A vision board is something that you construct to constantly remind you of your desires, goals, and dreams. It takes that which is in your creative imagination and brings it into the realm of site. While a vision board is designed outwardly to put before you the things you desire, inwardly it is designed to do much more.

The secret to successfully using the Law of Attraction is to take that which you desire and make it the absolute dominate thought of your mind. Your passion must not waver. Your desire must grow daily. You must have a deep emotional relationship with that is which you desire to manifest in your life. A well-constructed vision board is designed to do exactly that, awaken your deep hunger and passion.

The first secret is to know exactly what you desire and write it out in one or two sentences. Be specific. While some people do construct a vision board that includes all the areas of their life, the most effective vision board tend to focus on one goal or one area. I call this type of vision board a, “Focus Board.” I like the use of a focus board because it get’s your mind zeroed in on one target. Having a specific target and goal is essential for manifesting with the Law of Attraction. One final thought on focus boards, you can have more than one. Maybe you have a health focus board in your gym and a money vision board in your office. Each board will have it’s own set of pictures and own set of affirmations.

The second secret is to find photo’s and drawings that motivate you. If the picture does not get you fired up and hungry, it is not exciting enough. The pictures you select for your vision board must awaken you emotionally. Emotional attachment to your goals is one of the big secrets to success with the Law of Attraction and the use of a vision board.

The third secret is to make your vision board all at one time. Set aside the time to make it. I like using a white board over other formats. You can draw arrows and write out affirmations on your board with a bright erase pen. Get all your supplies together at one time. Once your begin, do not stop till you are done. Remember, when constructing your vision board, put the main thing in the center of the board.

The fourth secret is to write out a simple affirmation with your vision board and get in the habit of saying it every time you see or walk by your vision board. An example would be: “I am making a million dollars a year in my new company.” Or “We are taking the dream vacation of our life in Egypt next year.” Once your get in the habit of doing this, it will become automatic.

The fifth secret is sit in front of your vision board once a day for several minutes charging the board and yourself with desire. Feel the desire growing and enjoy it. The more it grows the more you will attract what you want.

Remember, once you have achieved your goal, take your vision board down or better yet, turn it into another one. Be sure to write us as Law of Attraction Solutions LLC and share your experiences and success with the use of a vision board. Expect a Miracle or two.

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