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Secrets To Attracting More Business With Intention And The Law Of Attraction


Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

You will drastically increase your attraction power as you increase the intensity of your intentions.

So how do you intensify your intentions? The answer is passion and action. Often times people make the mistake of throwing out an intention before giving it the proper passion or intensity. Get excited about your intention! Talk about it, write about it, dream about it. Let nothing stop your intention. After you have added passion to your intention, it is even more important is to take some kind of massive action. Make a list of steps that will bring your intention into reality. Start taking those steps. You must get the energy flowing to get your intention moving forward. You need the intention, the passion and the action.

You have your intention, you have the passion, and you have taken action. Now what? The next step may be tough for you to wrap you mind around because the next action is in-action. In-action is what I like to call, letting it flow. You have mentally done the work, you have set the plans into action and now it is critical that you DETACH. Detachment is an important component in the process of manifesting. It allows the energy to flow, moving like a long winding river. When you DETACH, you are focused on doing what needs to be done, but NOT hungering-for the outcome. The outcome simply comes as a result of the intensity of your intentions and the actions you take. The combination of a strong intention with a relaxed attitude makes for a potent, powerful approach to manifesting the outcome that you desire.

Business is a great deal like life. As a matter of fact, I believe it reflects life. When two people are invested in the same intention and are dedicated to working in tandem to achieve manifestation of the intention, the chances of success increase several fold. It is essential to build partnerships whereby everyone is connected to a positive and productive outcome. Again, having a clear cut intention and direction is essential. Personally, I believe that partners need to have sessions where they simply focus on the outcome they seek to manifest. It is important to flesh out the visions in each persons’ mind so that partner A adds to the picture of Partner B and vice versa.

The same is true for sales people. When a sales person focuses only on the commission he or she will make, the result is that he or she is sending out a weak vibration into the buying matrix. Buyers are looking for someone to team up with who will connect with their dreams and outcomes via service and superior product. There is no connection when the buyer is thinking about his outcome and the seller is only thinking about his commission. The key is to create a partnership much like two business partners. This requires the sales person to relax, stop thinking about the commission and partner up with the buyer. Service is the key, but not for the reasons most people think. Service is the key because it establishes a kind of partnership and helps the buyer succeed. The result is a happy buyer and more sales for the sales person. Notice however that the sales person has to DETACH from the outcome and just let it happen.

Another important key is to learn to follow your intuition. Your intuition works in harmony with your intentions. The stronger your intentions combined with the more you train and trust your intuition, the sooner you will find that your intuition works in unison with your intentions. Here are two examples of using intuition:

1. Let’s say you are a sales person. Let us also assume that you are making some strong intentions to triple your sales and income. You are taking all the action necessary to achieve this outcome. Then all of a sudden you hear a little voice in your head that tells you to begin calling on buyer X. You have never called on this kind of buyer before. Next your intuition tells you to begin calling on buyer type Y and Z. Now you have three types of buyers you would have never normally called on. A short time later you are servicing three new clients because you listened to your instincts.

2. I remember when I owned my advertising agency. Almost every day on my  drive home I would pass a sun tanning business. Normally, this would not be my kind of client but I went in and got the owners contact info anyway. I would remind myself of this opportunity every time I drove by. My intention to make this my client would build with each drive by. When my intention was strong, I let it go, almost forgetting about the sun tanning business. Then one day propelled forward by a hunch that the time was right, I called their corporate office. They invited me to stop by and introduce myself. After a few weeks, the dust of the new business relationship finally settled. As a result, I walked away with a client that put $5,000 in my pocket each and every month. I trusted my instincts and I had strong intentions. This is how it works. This is your intention and the Law of Attraction in motion.

When you commit yourself to your intentions, the universe will match your commitment. Fire up your passion thus making your intentions strong. Next, detach and trust the universe. Finally trust your intuition. Your intuition is your subconscious mind speaking to you and giving you some help. Your mind is also the connecting link to Divine Source and the Universe. Expect to do more business by applying the principals of this article and the Law of Attraction. Write me and share your success.

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