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What is the Law of Attraction?

Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

Many people have the wrong idea as it relates to both the modern science and the ancient teachings about the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is also known as LOA for short. Sadly, most misunderstandings of the Law of Attraction is due to the mass popularization without the historical knowledge of it.

emerald tabletWhat is the Law of Attraction?  The LOA is a real law,  just like the law of gravity is a real law. Most know the LOA as a scientific law based on cutting edge quantum physics. However, it is also an old spiritual or magical concept. The LOA simply states that likes attract likes. This definition comes from the ancient teachings in the Emerald Tablet of Hermes. The key phrase in the Emerald Tablet says, ” As Above so Below, as Below so Above.”  The Emerald Tablet is essentially stating that what we create in our mind, must manifest in our reality.  Many LOA gurus teach that you simply imagine what you want and then it comes to you. With these false expectations, it has caused many people to try the Law of Attraction without the desired results. These people become discouraged claiming the Law of Attract is not real because it hasn’t worked for them. Poor results in attracting what one wants does not mean that the ancient wisdom teachings are wrong or that the modern quantum science is faulty.  It only means that the method is flawed. It can also mean there are hidden desires or intention working in the opposite direction.

The Law of Attraction principle is simple. You do have to take conscious action and know the secret techniques for it to be useful in your life.

Understanding the entire concept of the Law of Attraction requires comprehending how the universe works. You cannot see the Law of Gravity, but its effects are self-evident throughout the whole world. Like gravity, if you observe the Law of Attraction closely you can easily see it in action.

Learning how to use the Law of Attraction in your life takes time, knowledge, and wisdom. The Law of Attraction is a skill that will take effort and patience on your part.

Law of Attraction Solutions  LLC ( Miracle Mentors of Light, Robert and Rachael Zink ) aims to bridge that gap between you and the universal law.

Our articles, online group, training, and mentoring program we will help you learn the truth about the Law of Attraction. You will learn how you can continually make this simple yet astonishing law work in your life.

Science of the Law of Attraction

What is the Law of Attraction?The Science of the Law of Attraction is fascinating and astonishing. Understanding cutting edge quantum physics and mechanics will better help you understand the Science of the Law of Attraction.

The science of Quantum physics has intertwined itself with the ancient teaching of Hermetics, Qabalah, ancient mystical Christianity and Buddhism. This certainty was not the goal of modern science but the line between what we believe to be science and what we believe to be spirituality has become blurred. Using the science of quantum physics provides a new way of observing and experiencing the universe. Thru this modern material science we experience and come to know the Science of the Law of Attraction. That, which once seemed a hopeful belief becomes more factual reality. (Or as factual as any reality can be.)

First, we must understand that reality and how we perceive reality are two different things. No two people perceive the same reality the same way. Even those who share the same beliefs, experience a different reality. It appears that our mind determines what we perceive to be reality, not the other way around. This realization of reality points to the saying, “ You will see it when you believe it.”

There is a theory called Quantum entanglement. Experiments have proven that when two particles are entangled, stimuli to one particle will instantly affect the other particle. What is even more astonishing as it relates to the Science of the Law of Attraction is that distance makes no difference. Now to take this to it’s basic form. At the point before the Big Bang, (Before the universe existed) all matter was condensed into one singularity. This means that all particles of matter were and are entangled. Imagine, the whole universe is one. The Ancient Jews knew this and made it one of their most holy prayers. They called it the Shema,“Here or here oh Israel the Lord the God, the Lord is ONE.”( Deuteronomy 6:4 )Most religions have always taught the oneness of Spirit and humanity. So science and spirituality become married in the same understanding of the universe. How this relates to the Science of the Law of Attraction is that any effect on one point of energy (since all matter is energy) will affect the entire field of potential, if even in some small way. Matter is energy, thoughts are energy, and we have the ability to consciously direct our thoughts, and thus change reality. This is the Law of Attraction and once you get a handle on this you can become or create the reality you desire because you are not merely part of the infinite field of potential,YOU ARE THE INFINITE FIELD OF POTENTIAL.

The Heisenberg principal in quantum mechanics reveals that observation of a system disturbs the system or experiment enough that the observer can’t get an accurate grasp of the system and know everything about the system because observing it has changed the system. In other words, the system is different when it is observed. It changes. Could it be that the very energy of the thoughts of the scientist change the system or the outcome? Probably. Remember, thoughts are energy and must never be under estimated in the Science of the Law of Attraction.

Heisenberg proposed that simply by thinking about something you literally affect its outcome. Additional science postulates that the more precisely you measure a electron or a particle’s momentum the less it becomes possible to measure the particle’s location and the more precisely you measure the location, the more difficult it becomes to measure its momentum. This indicates that the particle or electron is both energy and mass but never both at the same time. The Science of the Law of Attraction concludes that the energy emitted from our thoughts literally has the ability, when focused, to affect energy, which is also matter.

Understanding this basic science provides you the backdrop for understanding how you do what you do when you create your desires and manifest you reality. In life you are not a passenger going for the ride, you are the ride as well as the passenger.

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