When Sam wrote me, Sam was in a state of panic. All she could say is please, “save my relationship.” The man that she loved had broken up with her fifteen months earlier. In that time, he never called. There was no communication. The relationship was dead.

The two of them had been in the relationship for a couple of years, and she was certain he was the love of her life. Sam was in pain. She could not seem to let go of her love for him, his memories or even his sense of humor. All she could think about was that someone had to help her do what she wanted most, “Save My Relationship.”.

Sam and I began working together over the phone and through Skype. I am aware of the fact that when a couple has been broken up for almost two years, and there has been no contact that doing out of the way things like texting, calling, writing, are a waste of time. The secret is and was to change Sam’s vibration. If her vibration could not shift, then he would just remain a distant memory.

I could feel her pain, and I was determined to help her have a love of her life. I also believed that he loved her. I had no proof of this other than what she told me. She said they had a great relationship, till something shifted and turned sour, and then he just ended it.

I set up a serious plan of Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy Life Coaching with Sam. We worked on the phone weekly and through text often. I needed to see and feel her shift. I believed that once she made the change, the relationship would turn, and a MIRACLE would happen.

After about three weeks of working together, something incredible happened. He called her! He claimed that she was still on his phone and that he butt dialed her. I explained to Sam that this was the Universe creating an opportunity for her. That the door was opening again, but ever so slowly. We took it slow. All the while she was performing the various attraction exercises I assigned to her and I was invoking Miracle Magic to create a positive, magnetic environment for the two of them. (Miracle Magic is a unique energy mentoring in which Law of Attraction work is done for our client using old methods of manifestation.)

Over the next several months the relationship grew in depth and love. They were spending incredible amounts of time together. They were committed. He realized that she was the love of his life and began to make internal changes on his own. The relationship was working. Sam was in heaven and is still in the sky today. Several more months have passed, and now they are getting married and planning on starting a family. The families have met, the wedding date is set, and everything is perfect.

Sam could not be happier. Life is sweet when you are in love and have the person you love near you. She is just one of many clients who has received a love blessing through Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy Life Coaching.

Please read the following from Sam:

“When I began my sessions with Robert, I came to him with concerns about not being able to save my relationship and return to me the love of my life. I lacked an overall a sense of joy. Robert helped me believe that anything that I conceive, I can achieve if I only believe it.

He worked hard at helping me change my old belief system which was very negative and self- limiting. He also gave me tools that I could practice every single day to turn my dreams into reality. I made a commitment to myself to work hard and to do my affirmations and creative visualization every single day. Robert helped keep me on track and guided me along the way. Before long I started to see my dreams coming true. The first of which was my ex-boyfriend coming back in my life. His return was beyond what I even expected as he had broken it off several months earlier. I am so happy now that he is in my life, and we are getting married and beginning a family. I am completely confident that the relationship will work out, and we will be together for the rest of our lives. A few months ago I would’ve been filled with self-doubt which would’ve sabotaged my chance of any relationship. Now thanks to Robert I have a new sense of confidence and self-worth and believe that my relationship is getting better and better every day.

Robert has also helped me become more open not only in my relationship with my fiance but also my relationships with others. In such a short time Robert has helped bring greater joy in my life. For that, I’m very grateful. I would recommend him to anyone who has fears of their dreams not coming true. Anything is possible if you just believe it is and Robert will help show you the light and guide you along the way. He helped me save my relationship, and I am forever grateful.”

Florida 2016

We could not be more excited for Sam.  We are confident only concrete manifestations are coming her way and that she will enjoy the love she craves and the life she desires.  Congrats Sam! Sam did something that most people going through a break-up fail to do, she got professional help and was able to manifest her own reality.  If she can do it, so can you.

Save my relationship

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