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The Ruach Healing Method

Combining Kabbalah, Reiki, Hermetics, and Ancient Secrets to bring vitality to the body.

Ruach Healing Method - Reiki

Healing through light:

Ruach Healing is a unique system of sending forth healing energies through Divine Light.

The entire infinite field of potential can be energized with Divine White Brilliance to bring healing to disease.

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What is Ruach?

Ruach is the Divine Energy of Spirit. Ruach is a Hebrew word. The Ruach Healing Method combines Kabbalah, Reiki, Hermetics, and Ancient Energy Healing techniques to codify a powerful, unique healing system. Simple directions guide the reader through a variety of distinct techniques that empower, attune, and awaken the healer’s spiritual, magical, and energetic healing abilities.

Why Ruach Works?

The Ruach Healing Method is perhaps the most powerful spiritual energy healing system currently in use. Ruach Healers from all over the world have received the empowerment of the Ruach Healing Method which is used alongside Chiropractic, Massage, Natural Healing, Reiki, Quantum Healing and other forms of energy healing. the Ruach Healing Method is as simple or as complex as you require. A beginner will find that they are affecting physical healing and pain reduction in a short period. Advanced healers have success treating everything from terminal diseases to chronic conditions. Besides physical healing, the Ruach Healing Method is extremely useful for clearing physical and emotional blockages within the energy centers of the body.

In addition to physical and emotional healing, the Ruach Healing Method is a robust system for healing financial issues, relationship problems, and blockages in business and personal success.

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The Ruach Healing Method invokes its knowledge from ancient teachings of the Qabalah and Hermetics. The ancient Egyptians, Jewish Kabalist, and Christian Mystics all play a significant role in the Ruach Healing Method and why it is so effective. Not surprisingly, what these ancient mystery schools taught is now being verified through modern quantum physics. The whole concept of the Infinite Field and how everything is part of the ONE is exciting. It is precisely this knowledge when applied that makes the Ruach Healing Method so efficient.

Another reason that the Ruach Healing Method is powerful and effective is that it works in harmony with the Qabalistic Tree of life. The Ruach Healing Method allows healing on a variety of paradigms to choose in the healing process. The healer can opt to use the model of the Sephiroth, the Elements, Planetary influences, Chakra’s or Gates and the Angelic Realm.

Perhaps no other system of spiritual healing is so embedded in the ancient teachings of the Law of Attraction. The Ruach Healing Method is effective because the healing desired is the intention created.

If you would like to become certified in the Ruach Healing Method make plans to attend a weekend certification program. You will find that this is an experience of a lifetime. To receive information about a certification program in your area, please contact us.

Experience Ruach

You can experience Ruach Healing ANYWHERE. We offer Healing through a variety of outlets.

  • Personal healing weekend in our location or yours
  • Healing session on Skype
  • Ruach Healing Workshop
  • Ruach Healing Book -Magical Energy Healing: The Ruach Healing Method


Click the video link to see Rachael Zink using the Ruach Healing Method to restore full range of motion to a client’s spine. 

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Get the book that will teach you how to become a miracle healer.

Robert Zink and Rachael Zink have codified all their practical Ruach Healing instruction and experiences into a manual for all Healers, Light Workers and Reiki Practitioners. Robert Zink founder of the Ruach Healing Method is one of the leading authorities on energy healing. In workshops all over the world, he built a community of certified Ruach Healers. Now all the information taught in these workshops is available to you, IN PRINT!

Readers will learn how to amplify, magnify and focus Universal Life Force called “Ruach”. Learn ancient techniques to protect yourself from unwanted negative energy. Learn to eradicate disease, emotional imbalances, and energetic depletion/congestion in a patient’s energy field through the use of colors, Angels, Planets, Elements, and the Tree of Life. Learn to activate each Sephira on the Tree of Life invoking unbelievable energy healing. Permeated with over 20 step-by-step exercises, over 10 charts, and over 45 illustrations this is a practical, easy-to-learn Spiritual and Magical healing system. This is a must read for every Healer, Light Worker, and Reiki practitioner. Magical Energy Healing: The Ruach Healing Method is now available at Click here to purchase the book!

Experience Ruach with us.

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