As a Grand Master in Usui Teate Reiki, I, Robert Zink, along with Ruach Healer Adept Master Teacher Rachael Zink, believe every Reiki Healer also needs to learn the Ruach Healing Method. Here are some of the differences:

  1. The Ruach Healing Method is a complete no-touch system of healing, unlike Reiki, which touches the patient. In some states, touching a patient is illegal unless you have a massage license.
  2. The Ruach Healing Method teaches students to “scan” or actually feel the aura, to assess areas of energetic depletion and congestion, or stagnation; which helps identify problem areas that need healing. Reiki does not use any energy assessment technique but relies on the intuition of the practitioner.
  3. The Ruach Healing Method employs a manual technique called “cleaning” to remove blockages and stagnant energies before giving fresh energy to the patient. Reiki has no comparable technique. Cleansing alone often allows the body to heal quickly by permitting new energy to penetrate deeper into the body. The metabolic processes utilize this new energy as a healing fuel.
  4. The Ruach Healing Method employs a “mystical” approach to healing. Every ailment produces a unique set of energy patterns that manifest in the seven major chakras. Reiki has essentially one energy technique to address all health problems. By contrast, the Ruach Healing Method uses specific energies of colors, planets, elements, Angels, and the Kabalistic Tree of Life which match the specific patterns of energetic deficiencies caused by a particular illness.
  5. Reiki practitioners have to be “initiated” by a Reiki Master and given the “symbols” to access the healing energies. It’s similar to having to obtain a “password”. Ruach Healing employs simple breathing and visualization exercises that allow anyone to call on the Ruach Life Force to effectively heal immediately with minimal instruction. For those that seek to be a Certified Ruach Healer, there are workshops to raise your level of understanding and required hours practicing the Ruach Healing Method.
  6. The Ruach Healing Method includes a practice called “negative energy removal” that is rarely found in any healing modality, including Reiki. Negative Energy Removal is a set of practices – breathing, rituals, dietary recommendations and other cleansing routines that are designed to keep your personal energy tank clean and full. Reiki Masters attending Ruach Healing Method classes agree the Negative Energy Removal technique enables them to cleanse themselves of contaminated energy given off by the client and how to prevent negative people from draining their Life Force.
  7. The Ruach Healing Method employs the use of colored energies that dramatically accelerated the body’s innate healing abilities. Many Reiki Masters admit that if they have a client who needs immediate relief or rapid healing they see expedited results when using the colors of the Ruach Healing Method. Reiki masters find that Reiki is best for clients who simply wants a relaxing and soothing session rather than those that need deep healing.
Ruach Healing

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In summary, both the Ruach Healing Method and Reiki are excellent healing modalities and help alleviate pain and suffering. However, the Ruach Healing Method gives you the tools to produces faster and permanent results while “immunizing” you against contamination from the people you are healing. Ruach Healing Method complements any and all healing modalities. Whatever your healing techniques – Shamanism, Earth Energy Healing, Chinese Chi Kung, Reiki, Massage Therapy, Chiropractic, Christian laying on of hands or even Orthodox Medicine adding the Ruach Healing Method will enhance the healing. We are all here together to help create health and happiness for everyone in the World.

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