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Rewire Your Brain For A Prosperous And Successful Life With Meditation

Rewire Your Brain Meditation

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We often hear the term rewire your brain in the context of addictions whatever form they may take – gambling, alcohol, sex, drugs, and medication. Yet so many of us are addicted to jealousy, anger, pain, toxic relationships, unhealthy behavior patterns, complaining, judgment, comparing, negative thinking, victim mentality, unworthiness, neediness, anxiety, resentment, shame, and regrets…We might not see it as an addiction, but it certainly is, and it prevents us from living a happy and fulfilled life. We can no longer successfully exert the Law of Attraction nor co-create our reality with the Universe.

Why is it important to rewire our brain if we want to manifest the life that we desire? 

Because we always manifest what we are. We attract to our reality what we are and not what we want. So, on the conscious level, you may desire for yourself good and empowering things, you may set clear and willful intentions, BUT so many of us 10 vision boards, months of affirmations, numerous healings, manifesting rituals later are still living in the same old reality. We feel stuck and helpless. There seems to be so much resistance.

That is because despite our good intentions we continue living in the old consciousness; and if old me did not give me the world that I desire, I will need to reinvent and create a new me. For the change and shift to happen we need to get down to the core. We need to access our old programming and our limiting beliefs and rewrite them. Successful manifesting always starts with rebirth and reinvention of oneself.

The subconscious mind is where all your limitations live. How do they form? 

95% of our behavior comes from our subconscious mind therefore it defines who we are. All our positive and negative beliefs, our identifications can be found in our subconscious mind. Many of them we take on in our early childhood. 

The analytical mind begins to form around the age of 6 and finishes developing around the age of 7-12. This simply means that until the analytical mind is formed, information from the outside world enters children’s minds with very little editing if at all. Their brains are like sponges that absorb everything with little or no differentiation of right and wrong, true and not true, empowering and disintegrating.

There is another factor that makes our early development even more exposed. Our brain produces electrical pulses called brainwaves. It is the means of communication between neurons. The brain waves range from low frequency to high frequency. Delta waves mark deep sleep for adults, then follows Theta – a twilight state between deep sleep and wakefulness, then we have Alpha state – the state in which we create, imagine, and learn. The biggest part of our wake time we spend in Beta and one of its three ranges – low, mid, or high. The higher it is, the more stressed and focused on the 3D world you are. The last range is Gamma – a state of expanded consciousness and universal love. 

Until a certain age, children’s brain functions in the lower brain-wave states. They are operating from their subconscious mind. This means no or very little filtering of the information that enters their minds. That is how we all grow up with many limiting beliefs, false observations, conditioning that are so deeply rooted that we are no longer aware that we have all that in our system. They are now part of our identity, part of who we are. Our beliefs are imprinted in our subconscious mind, and they determine our thoughts, actions, and behavior.

How do my limitations stop me from manifesting my dream life? 

That is why affirmations don’t work – if you keep affirming I AM wealthy, I AM successful in my business, I have a well-paid job, I am a money magnet, etc. but in your subconscious system you hold a belief that you need to work hard to have a decent salary, you need to know the right people, that rich people are evil, that money itself is evil, that money is hard to make, none of those new affirmations will make it to your mind; your mind will keep bouncing them off like the tennis balls. 

Another example would be if you keep getting into toxic relationships where you are not respected, loved, and appreciated and you try affirming I am in a loving, committed, and caring relationship, I deserve a loving, committed, and devoted partner, I am loved, I am happy and I am in love, but you will be lacking self-love, self-respect, and worthiness, the relationships that you will attract will be only mirroring that. Remember? Another person is you pushed out.

By the age of 35, your brain is hardwired with social norms, influence coming from your caretakers, the environment you were brought up in, possible traumas, and difficult experiences. You have fixed patterns of thinking and acting, whether you are aware of it or not, and oftentimes you are using survival mechanisms that no longer serve you.

How can I change? 

Many people want to change their environment while they remain the same, but that is not how the Law of Attraction works. Every change starts inside of you first. If you wish to see a true change in your life, you need to be able to access your operating system – your subconscious mind and rewrite your programming. That is when miracles will start to happen, and you will witness amazing things unfold in your life.


The good news is – you can access your subconscious mind and your brain can be rewired! We are not doomed to be a certain way for the rest of our lives as the scientists thought before. Your thoughts can have a positive effect on your brain, your body, and eventually your life.

The rewiring is possible due to neuroplasticity – the brain’s ability to change. Brain changes when new neuropathways are created. A neural pathway is a connection between neurons. It is formed each time we learn or experience something new. There are infinite numbers of these connections in our brain. Every time you learn or practice something new, your brain forms a new connection. It is enriched and it is changing physically. And if you keep revisiting the information and reinforcing it, soon it will become hardwired.

If that sounds too complicated, think of your brain as a forest. Imagine that for 20 years every single day you take the same path. In the beginning, it would not be so easy to walk: you would have to remove some branches, stones other possible obstacles. But after a while, the path will be well seen, easy to walk, familiar. You would know every curve, every turn, at some point you would no longer have to think where you need to walk. You would be no longer consciously walking the path, you would be following the path, the path would lead you. 

That is a perfect example of programming and conditioning: the same way we walk the same path, each time we practice certain patterns of behavior, we wire neurons in our brains harder and harder.  After a while when acting we no longer think we just follow our patterns and let the programming run our behavior, our thoughts, and our life.  Now you are physically, emotionally, and mentally wired to behave in a certain way. You are running on a program (whether it’s a victim mentality, unworthiness, lack of self-love, etc.) and if you want your life to change, you will need to change that old programming, you will have to create a new path.

What tools can you use to rewire your brain? 

There is more than one way to rewire your brain, but I believe that meditation is second to none.

In our conscious waking state, we usually are in one of the Beta brain-wave states. That means that we are focused on our outside world and our brain is processing all the sensory information that comes in through our 5 senses. We are working, learning, analyzing, comparing, drawing conclusions.

When we are stressed and anxious our brains are functioning in high Beta. And who does not experience stressful situations throughout the day? We need to be alert, we need to be sharp, and so all our attention is consumed by our 3D world. With our analytical minds working full speed we cannot access our subconscious mind and therefore we cannot reprogram our minds in that state. And that is where the magic of meditation comes in. Meditation allows us to slow down, pause, observe and become aware. To take a step back and to become an observer. Meditation invites us inside.

First steps towards successful rewiring.

In the Tibetan language to meditate means to become familiar with your mind.

Self-observation and self-development are relevant because if we want to start changing something we need to become aware of it first. So, the first step is to take a step aside and see the old self and decide about the things you no longer want in your life. 

Your old self versus your new self. The way I am now and the way I desire to be. What is hindering me from becoming the most beautiful, successful, and empowered version of me? 

The reprogramming and rewiring process starts with awareness and contemplation, followed by a strong intention to change and create your future self avatar. The observation, mindfulness, and awareness start forging new neurological pathways – this time of the new and empowered self. You are no longer running on unconscious programs instead you are observing. Meditation allows you to take your control and your power back.

What is the best time to meditate? 

If you ever tried meditating during the day, I am sure that you have noticed that it takes longer to quiet your mind and to settle. This is because our minds during the day are highly analytical and are operating in Beta.

Our brain’s chemistry changes through the day (it either produces serotonin that makes you awake and alert or melatonin that prepares your body for rest/sleep). As a result of that, there are 2 times during the day when you are very close to that magical twilight state – just before you go to bed/fall asleep and when you wake up in the morning. Therefore, mornings and evenings are the best time for meditating because it will be easier to attain the Theta state.

What happens when you meditate? 

Around 75% of all the sensory information (sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell) that your brain processes come in through your sight. When you take a moment out of your day to meditate, you sit down and close your eyes the input of the sensory information is drastically reduced.  Your brainwaves naturally slow down into the alpha state. The slower the brain-wave state, the deeper we move into the inner world, into the realms of the subconscious mind. The place where all the programs live.

Deep or slow breathing that is usually practiced with meditation, will only further promote the relaxation state. This happens because slow and deep breathing sends a signal to your body to calm down and relax. Your brainwaves will continue slowing down until you reach Theta. 

It is the twilight state in which people are half-awake and half-asleep. This is the state when we can easily access the subconscious mind. In this state, we are easily suggestible and programmable because our conscious and analytical minds are no longer in our way. 

If in that state we start practicing love, joy, compassion, happiness, confidence, being worthy, creating the things that we deeply desire in our lives, and start connecting to all these higher vibrations, to the most empowered and beautiful version of our future self, erasing our limitations and fears, programming ourselves with new beliefs, we will be rewiring our brains without any resistance and in a very powerful way. 

If we don’t just zoom out but meditate actively and make an effort to create moments where we feel prosperous, successful, wealthy, healthy, loved and in love, whole, moments where we feel invincible, appreciated, having unlimited potential, if we say/listen to empowering affirmations; if we take time to this time consciously create the best versions of ourselves and emotionalize it then in these moments, we will be rewriting not only our past but also our future. We will be rewiring our brains and carving out physically, mentally, and energetically the version of ourselves that we have always longed to be.

If in that twilight state with the gate to the subconscious mind wide open we will keep visualizing and emotionalizing our dreams, longings, and aspirations we will be burning into our subconscious mind new roadmaps that will help to make our desires magically come true. This time there will be no more limitations, there will be potentials only.

How often should you meditate? 

The key to successful rewiring is repetition. It is not enough to meditate once or twice and expect extraordinary fast results. And just like that path in the forest that took many days to clear and become visible and possible to walk, the rewiring process also needs consistency, patience, and determination. 

Rewiring takes time; you need to rewrite that old programming, dismantle, chip away the old limiting beliefs that put you in a box, and create and burn into your subconscious mind new empowering beliefs. Every time you will be revising them, you will be making them stronger. At some point, they will become part of you and part of your new identity. 

Meditation allows us to enter the realm of the subconscious mind where all our limiting beliefs, behavior patterns, habits, conditioning, false observations, programs live and change them or replace them with empowering beliefs that in their turn will create a completely new you – limitless, healthy, fulfilled prosperous and happy. A living miracle magnet

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