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Removing Blocks And The Law Of Attraction

removing blocks

Attract Your Specific Person with the Law of Attraction

Do your often feel like a mouse on a wheel? You keep running faster and faster but seem to get nowhere? Have you tried affirmations only to give them up after they “did not work”? Do you feel like something is stopping you from your dreams? Do you attract the same kind of mate prospects over and over again? The answer could be mental, emotional and or spiritual energy blocks which manifest as counter intentions to your affirmations. With a little focus removing blocks is easy.

The above are all descriptions of types of blocks or personal obstacles we encounter. But just what are blocks and what can be done about removing blocks? Fortunately, there are several methods we can employ to melt away the block and allow positive attraction energy to begin flowing into you life again. After removing blocks, the energy is flowing, the result will feel like gigantic Miracle. You will have the relationship you crave, the money you need, the health you deserve. No more blocks means a happier and healthier life for you.

Blocks are a kind of emotional static that fuzzes the energy flow. The result is a dissipated or clogged energy that does not produce the desired outcome. Blocks occur on several levels. The first is the astral level or energy level. Your body is constantly sending out an energy frequency like radio wave signal. Removing blocks of energy will allow your personal station to come in crystal clear. The second kind of block is a mental blockage. Our minds just can’t handle the thought. The third is an emotional blockage. If you were repeatedly told to stop crying as a child or emotional suppressed in any way, it may be hard for you to express emotions. The fourth is a physical blockage. Even after removing block of all the other types, a physical blockage can still be present.

The problem is, our subconscious mind never forgets about anything – no matter how hard we try. Many times we don’t even know that we have blockages. Often these blocks are reflected in what the Easterners call the Chakras. Once these blockages become cemented in a persons sphere of sensation, the result is a counter-intention.

Here is how a counter intention works. You create a positive intention and express it to the universe. You may even create an affirmation or two. However, the second you do that, the counter intentions begin. Energy blocks are what stop you from keeping your New Year’s resolutions, or losing weight when you go on a diet. These blocks can trap severe negative energy within your energy field, the result is often anxiety or depression. Money blocks will destroy your ability to earn large sums of money or to build your business. Emotional blocks can hamper you from having the love you crave. The result is bouncing from one relationship to another or simply being lonely and alone.

Fortunately, there are powerful and positive things you can do that are effective in removing blocks. One such tool is a Ruach Energy Scan. The word Ruach is from the Holy Qabalah. It literally means air, but in the Qabalah it refers to Spirit or Breath of Life. When Ruach energy is blocked or trapped, your energy field becomes congested and/or depleted. Both congested and depleted conditions are not good for living a happy and healthy life.

A Ruach Energy Scan can be accomplished by a certified Ruach Healing Practitioner. You don’t need to be in the same room or even in the same country. Long distant scanning is safe, easy and effective. This scan allows the Ruach Healing Practitioner to then calculate how to re-establish the natural flow of energy in your energy field. Removing blocks happens as the Ruach Healing Practitioner clears and charges your energy field; thus, re-establishing your natural energy flow. When your energy is flowing the result is easier access to accomplishing your goals and dreams. There literally will be nothing standing in your way. When the energy that is causing the block is extremely negative, using the Ruach Healing Method along with Reiki, EFT, Ruach Breath Work, and Neuro Linguistic Alchemy provides an astonishing opportunity to begin life anew, free, with no blocks or limitations.

Once you have melted away the block(s), you will feel greater confidence, have clearer focus, keener perceptions and increased motivation. You will be free to pursue your goals and achieve the success you desire. The Law of Attraction will now be working for you, rather than against you

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