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Start attracting Money Like Magic. It’s a fact that most people want more money. All the latest evidence on wealth building points to the #1 difference between the wealthy and the poor is BELIEFS. This easy to use program quickly helps you attract money and build wealth by transforming your money beliefs both CONSCIOUSLY & SUBCONSCIOUSLY. Are you ready for Money Like Magic?!?!?!



Money Like Magic: Make More Money

This life changing audio product is available after checkout as instantly downloadable mp3 audio files. These files are zipped. Be sure your device can unzip them before making your purchase.

Money Like Magic ™ is part of the Success and Nothing Less Series ™. Money Like Magic ™ is a complete audio guide to manifesting the life you really want. Make more money as you are guided through 15 minutes of money affirmations designed to changed your conscious beliefs about money. These affirmations are set to beautiful relaxing music. You will make more money in no time. Next you will listen to 40 minutes of the same music while the affirmations play on a subliminal level. These subliminal affirmations are inaudible to the naked ear. There is an important reason for this. NOW YOU ARE PROGRAMING YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND! ONLY Money Like Magic ™ helps change both your CONSCIOUS & SUBCONSCIOUS money beliefs.

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by mika L. on Money Like Magic

If you like money, this is the program for you. Thanks, guys.

by fredrick on Money Like Magic

money just flows abundantly .. i wanted to purchase a script online for my website and thinking how to get it and after hearing robertzink's audios during night before sleep released a stuck money and bought the script and was very happy that God blessed me and made me more happier just like that ...always think positive and attract huge money online...its 100% True you need to get this program now close your eyes and get it and be amazed!!

by Nyna Matysiak on Money Like Magic

Since purchasing and utilizing this program, my business has increased 40%! I do the daily affirmations included in the program to start each day! Love, love, love this program!

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Make More MoneyI was struggling to make ends meet. I was sure I could win the lottery but I needed some help. Robert Zink helped my change my thinking and beliefs about money. I attracted Money Like Magic. Now I know my child will have a good education and I can spend qualities time raising her. I am so grateful for what Robert has done for me.

Amanda S. – Virginia

Robert, I’m listening your podcast now and I’m so grateful for your words. 5 months ago my life was a twister, but now after my business partner leave me and I started “Money Like Magic” program my life changed! My team is perfect and my production is like brand new! Thank you again for your daily words. My best!
Paulo F. – Brazil

The Money Like Magic program paid for itself. I was listening to it in the car, parked, stepped out, and found 20 dollars.

Joanna M. – Michigan

Today I found an extra bill in my pocket and I don’t know where it came from. It was the exact amount I needed to make my purchase. I listened to Money Like Magic the night before. I am absolutely amazed.
Hugh R. – South Carolina

Money Came to Me Like Magic

Change your thinking to make more money.

If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll get the same results. The primary difference between those who are rich and those who are poor is their beliefs.

  • People with money think positive thoughts about money.
  • People with money attract money via this Law of Attraction.
  • Many of the beliefs that hold us back from making money are trapped in our sub-concious mind.

Listen to this sample to experience how Money Like Magic will help you make more money.

Conscious Sample

Subconscious Sample

You Can Make More Money

Money Like Magic is a Game Changer

Listen today to Money Like Magic ™ and change your life forever. Created by Miracle Mentors & Alchemy Life Coaches Robert & Rachael Zink this program is embedded with ancient secrets to make more money. Money Like Magic Will:

  • Help you conquer hidden beliefs with new money magnet beliefs.
  • Nothing to read, nothing to do; money flows easily because of new unlimited beliefs
  • These beliefs get you thinking like the rich.
  • Change both conscious and subconscious beliefs.
  • Ideal for wealth builders and fundraising.
  • Will increase your money confidence.

More Money Guaranteed

Money Like Magic come with a 90 Day Guarantee

Money like Magic ™ comes with a 90 day make more money guarantee. Use money like magic for 90 days and see spectacular results or you money back. To claim your 90 day guarantee, email with a record of the dates and times you listened to Money Like Magic ™. Please give an explanation of your experience with this program. You must email this list within 95 days from the date of purchase. Remember to use this product for 90 days.

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