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Lucid Dreaming can change your life and awaken powers you never knew you had. Lucid dreaming is when you are fast asleep while being able to trigger your mind to begin creating the dream you want, rather than allow the dream to control you. While you are lucid, you can re-write your life in your dream state thus changing the outcome of your life in your waking state.

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The Power of Lucid Dreaming

Create Your Life While Sleeping

Lucid DreamingLucid dreaming is an ancient art. Most of the people touting quick fix lucid dreaming programs have little if any background in the ancient mystery schools. It was in these ancient mystery schools that techniques for astral projection and becoming aware in your dream state were developed.

There is a slight difference between what some call astral projection and lucid dreaming. In astral projection, you begin the vision awake and progress into deep states of inner consciousness. Lucid dreaming is different in that you are fast asleep and trigger your mind to begin creating the dream you want, rather than allow the dream to control you.

The ancient sages of the past understood the primary methods of astral projection and Lucid Dreaming. These concepts are expressed in the Emerald Tablet of Hermes. It states that whatever we create above must manifest below. This is really the basis to the Law of Attraction. The problem is that while we are awake, we often allow our thoughts to get clogged with self-limiting beliefs, fears, anxieties and thoughts of self-sabotage. This is one reason why visualization alone will not work while we are awake.

Creation in Lucid Dreaming

New Life From Lucid Dreaming

Develop the Skills of Lucid Dreaming to Change Your Waking Life

When you are lucid, you can create the life you want. While you are lucid, you can re-write your life in your dream state thus changing the outcome of your life in your waking state. Here’s a brief story that will illustrate my point.

I provide a service called Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy Life Coaching. I had a client who had strong feelings for an attractive successful woman. They were friends and belonged to several of the same groups. He tried to establish a relationship with her, but something always came up. The relationship never developed. He asked me what to do, and I suggested that he learn how to lucid dream. The next time he began to dream about a situation where she could fit in, he called her into his dream and started a conversation. He was attentive to making sure she wanted to spend time with him, and in one dream she even turned off her cell phone. They would go on long walks together in his dreams, and become intimate.
He called me after several nights of creating the lucid dream he wanted and he asked me what to do. I suggest that he call her. He did, and KAZAAAM! She accepted his offer to go out and they became good friends then lovers.

Attract While You Sleep

Create While You Sleep

Lucid Dreaming Transforms Your Life

Are you tired of wasting eight hours a night just because you’re tired?

Yes, you are wasting EIGHT HOURS EVERY SINGLE DAY. That’s ONE-THIRD OF YOUR LIFE! The eight hours you spend sleeping every single day are slipping into an abyss and you can never recover them. IF YOU ARE NOT LUCID DREAMING, YOU ARE WASTING PRECIOUS HOURS.

I want to share with you the priceless skills that will allow you to have the ability to become AWARE when you’re dreaming. Learn to wake up “inside” your dream and then begin to CONTROL that dream. Like I stated earlier, this is one of the most ancient methods that I have provided you in this program based on my many years as a mystic, qabalist and advanced teacher of astral projection. Either in classes or workshops, I have taught over one-thousand people the skills of path working, astral projection, traveling in the spirit vision and lucid dreaming.

I want to teach you how to have outrageous dreams that will manifest in your waking life. When you master the ancient skill of lucid dreaming, you will automatically reclaim those lost eight hours EVERY night. I promise you will be blown away once you enjoy your first lucid dream.

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by Samantha Diaz on Lucid Dreaming

This program is amazing, it really focuses your sleep on what you are manifesting. It's hard to explain, you must experience it, it is more than words can explain! It's worth every singly dollar.

I have also found that when I use this program when I sleep, I automatically wake up an hour early before my alarm. If I usually wake up at 6:45am, I automatically wake up at 5:55am and I don't feel tired. I actually feel energized and ready. It's a magical program.

As with all the programs, you get what you put into them. They are all powerful!

by Cindy Willams on Lucid Dreaming

Wow, within one week I was Lucid Dreaming. I love this program and use it often. Now I want all your programs.

Live the Life of Your Dreams

Transformation with Lucid Dreaming

Change Every Aspect of Your Life

You’ll discover a secret world where you control everything. Lucid Dreaming is a world MORE REAL than real-life itself. It is an exciting world where you can make ANYTHING happen. Lucid Dreaming creates a life where things just flow. When you Lucid Dream you enjoy experiences that leave you thrilled and exhilarated for DAYS and WEEKS afterward. Here are just a few experience you will have.

  • Develop unstoppable confidence and personal power.
  • Travel back in time and learn from the ancient sages and masters.
  • Uncover inventions that NO ONE has every thought about.
  • Develop new skills; learn from Derek Jeter, Picasso, Ernest Hemmingway, Andrew Carnegie or any great leader.
  • Overcome your fears and phobias.
  • Become an expert, start a business and insure SUCCESS.
  • Enjoy the most erotic sexual adventure you can possibly imagine.
  • Become a magnet and start attracting a lover, or a life-long relationship.
  • Explore all your fantasies in high definition and surround sound.
  • Act on your inner desire and rid your self of social constraints.
  • Begin attracting the life you really want by using the long lost secrets of the Emerald Tablet.

Start Lucid Dreaming Today

You Can Be Lucid Dreaming TONIGHT

Start Lucid Dreaming by Downloading NOW

Everyone wants to know how soon they can begin. Most people try some quick fix, and after a couple of nights, they give up. They don’t understand that lucid dreaming can be extremely difficult to master if don’t have a program based on time tested tradition. If you don’t know what you are doing you are likely to spend years and years trying to get lucid. Why do MOST people FAIL, even after investing hundreds of dollars on expensive programs and devices? The reason is simple; most people have never worked with a proven teacher of astral projection and lucid dreaming. Most people don’t really have a plan, or a program. They lack the mystical dynamics that have gotten results for thousands and thousands of people over centuries.

Who am I to make such a claim? My name is Robert Zink M.B.A., and I have worked in the advertising agency business for over 25 years. I have worked with literally every kind of client. One of my secrets to getting results for my clients is my creativity. I developed my creative mind partly through the use of lucid dreaming. But even more, I have been a teacher of the sacred mysteries for over 30 years. I am the Imperator General of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn, a mystery school that teaches astral travel. In addition, I am a hypnotist and the founder of N.L.A., the next generation of N.L.P.

You can begin making the positive, powerful and permanent changes in your life. You can create the world you want in your lucid dream state and begin to see real manifestation in your daily life. Why wait? You’re going to sleep tonight again, and tomorrow and the next night, so why not get started now?

When you go to sleep tonight and allow the world of dreams to control you, many of my friends and clients will be writing the script to their own dreams. They will be experiencing riveting fantasies, some will dream of vibrant health, others money, but all will wake up feeling like they should have paid for the opportunity to go to sleep. This Lucid Dreaming Program is the ultimate experience, and I want to put the tools in your hands immediately.

Order Lucid Dreaming now and start using all the hours in the day to manifest your desires!

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