HEALING KIT – Chakra Clearing and DNA Healing


Bring Clearing and Healing to your life with the Healing Kit. This kit contains two special audio programs which include Charka Cleaning & DNA Healing. Both program will guide you through bringing new energy to your energy field. Use these programs on a regular basis to open up to your full potential. Blossom like a lotus flower with the Healing Kit. This easy to use program quickly helps you clean, clear, and refresh your body. CAUTION download links will expire in 48 hours. Please be aware that some downloads require unzipping the files.





Chakra Clearing


DNA Healing

Regularly 52.95

NOW ONLY $24.95

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Chakra Cleaning

Chakra Clearing & Mindbody Healing

This program cleans your energy centers, raises your vibration and helps you attract abundance joy and health. Cleaning your chakras improves every area of your life. Many health problems are caused by dirty, clogged chakra. This program will cause you to blossom like a lotus flower giving you the focus, clarity, health, and vitality you need to live a productive healthy life.


DNA Healing

Clearing & Healing Vibrations will unlock your true potential through the ancient powerful vibrations of the Solfeggio scale. When you clear away fear, pain, and doubt you have room for the energy of the Universe to flow freely.

  • Clear Away Painful Emotions
  • Banish Negative Energy
  • Melt Away Doubt, Fear, and Pain
  • Invoke Astounding Healing and DNA Repair
  • Improve Your Relationships
  • Awaken Intuition
  • Fill Your Will With Prosperity and Abundance

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