Angel Power Kit


Bring Clearing and Healing to your life with the Angel Power Kit. This kit contains two special audio programs which include Power of Angels and Invoking Archangels. Both program will guide you through calling on angels to manifest more healing, abundance, and love in your life. Use these programs on a regular basis to open up to your full potential.





Invoking Archangels


The Power of Angels

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Invoking ArchangelsInvoking Archangels

“Before me Raphael, behind me Gabriel, on my right side Michael and on my left side Auriel…”

Now you can connect with the four archangels on a level never before imagined outside the walls of a true mystery school. Invoking the Power & Presence of the Four Archangels focuses the four archangels of light and will take you to new heights. Learn how to accomplish incredible connections that are completely your own. “Your life is only limited by your imagination and the power you invoke.” ~ Robert Zink


Power of AngelsThe Power of Angels

The Power of Angels audio program will guide you through the Hall of Angels, to invoke the wings of your Holy Guardian Angel. You will experience the conjuration of the ancient sword of Michael, the secrets of your life path with Auriel, the Halo of Metatron and much more.

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