Abundance – Quantum Vibe Magical Orgonite Pyramid


Abundance Quantum Vibe Magical Orgonite Pyramid is attuned to amplify abundance in your life. As abundance is amplified you will strength opportunities, wealth, and attract more. Magically created with peridot, basil, and sealed with a copper symbol of a little becoming more. The pyramid is 3.5 X 3.5 X 2.5 inches. The color is green.

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Quantum Vibe Magical Orgonite

Love Pyramid Orgonite


Abundance Pyramid Orgonite


Healing Pyramid Orgonite



Wilhelm Reich

Wilhelm Reich – Discovered Orgone Energy

A life-force, giving energy generator created by stacking organic and inorganic materials then pressurizing the stack. This energy was discovered in the 1930’s by Dr. Wilhelm Reich. He coined the term “orgone.” Reich founded the Orgone Institute CA  in 1942 to pursue research into orgone energy. Reich designed special “orgone accumulators” which were devices capable collecting and storing orgone energy from the environment for improvement of general health or even for weather control. Ultimately, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) shut down all of Dr. Wilhelm Reich research on the grounds that Reich and his associates were making false claims about healing. The FDA later jailed Reich and destroyed all orgone-related materials at the Orgone Institute.

Robert Zink OrgoniteOrgonite made through the art of ancient magical ritual, invocation, symbols, and empowerments. This means that every unique piece of Quantum Vibe Magical Orgonite™ is specifically attuned to attracting or repelling a specific energy. All Quantum Vibe Magical Orgonite™ is Reiki, Ruach, and Full Moon charged. Every month on the full moon a Reiki ray of empowering energy is sent to all our orgonite. This monthly ceremony makes all the difference in the orgonite’s quantum vibration. The older the orgonite gets the more powerful it will become.

portraitQuantum Vibe Magical Orgonite™ is designed by Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coaches™, Robert Zink and Rachael Zink. Robert embeds each piece with his 35 years of ancient wisdom from is study as Chief Adept Imperator of the Esoteric Golden Dawn Ancient Mystery School. Robert and Rachael bring special healing energy to all Quantum Vibe Magical Orgonite™ as Reiki Masters and founder of the Ruach Healing Method™. The intense vibration of Robert and Rachael empowers this orgonite in a magical way as incantations and affirmations are constantly being said during the creation process. You can experience the vibration as you hold this Quantum Vibe Magical Orgonite™.

  • Magical OrgoniteIncreased Prana, Reiki, and Life Force energy in the owner and environment
  • Reduced negative radiation caused microwaves, computers, cell phones, and cell towers
  • Provides an optimum environment for health and rejuvenation
  • Magnifies Law of Attraction intentions
  • Powerful talisman for continuous energy sent to your desires


healing orgoniteHealing Quantum Vibe Orgonite

Created for bringing balance and harmony to all systems of the body. Layered with amethyst and lavender. Sealed with a copper symbol of spiraling flowing energy. Color is purple.

Love Quantum Vibe OrgoniteLove Quantum Vibe Orgonite

Created for opening the heart and mind to love. Layered with rose quartz and rose petals. Sealed with a copper symbol of two souls uniting. Color is pink.

Abundance Quantum Vibe OrgoniteAbundance Quantum Vibe Orgonite

Created for attracting wealth and prosperity. Layered with peridot and basil. Sealed with a copper symbol of one multiplying into many. Color is green.

Protection Quantum Vibe OrgoniteProtection Quantum Vibe Orgonite

Created for removing negative energy. Layered with obsidian and black pepper. Sealed with a copper symbol of balance between the elements and spirit. Color is black.

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