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The Power of Your Expectations Become Your Transformation


Many of us, as we grow older, begin shrinking our expectations. We have been disappointed one too many times. We put no emotional juice into life. We too often develop an attitude of “settling”. Our expectations become less powerful for the transformation we seek because we settle for becoming tired and settle for poor health. Here are some of the things that we often settle for:

Mediocre relationships

Careers that are unfulfilling

Feeling powerless

If only magic were real… If only we could wiggle our nose or pull out a magic wand, we would make massive changes in our life that would: First, reconnect us to our true and divine self or source (God). Second, regain our enthusiasm and sense of well being. Third, allow us to transform our life from “settling” to joyful, loving, happy, dynamic and successful.

One of the greatest magical tools is not the wand or the wiggle of the nose; it is EXPECTATIONS.When we invoke the kind or youthful, loving, free-spirited expectations we once had, we find that the universe begins to live up to our expectations. We transform the world in which we live from the inside out. The power of your expectations can be positive or negative in your transformation. If you expect negative experiences you will attract negativity. If you expect positive experiences you will attract true transformation.

Expecting these positive situations will slowly help you rediscover even more expectations. These future expectations will lead to even deeper transformations in yourself and in your world.

Expect to feel healthy.

Expect an increase to your income.

Expect more joy and better relationships.

It’s your life – expect the very best! Use your expectations for the transformation you seek. You can change every area of your life. Remember what you think about you will bring about. This is how the Law of Attraction works.

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