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Combining Ancient Mysteries & Modern Mind Science To Bring You Success & Nothing Less with the Law of Attraction

Are you trying to advance your life forward and everything seems to be stuck or worse yet moving in the wrong direction? Do you find that you appear to be moving one foot forward and two feet backward? Have you tried the Law of Attraction and all the so-called Law of Attraction tips, read all the books, listen to the Audio programs and nothing seems to work? Perhaps you are looking for minor improvements in your business, career, health, marriage, or relationship, or maybe you need a massive change and significant improvement in one or several areas of your life?

Law of Attraction Solutions LLC is on the cutting edge of personal empowerment technology. There is absolutely nothing else like what we do or provided anywhere by anyone. Most of the so-called Law of Attraction Guru’s are ex Sales Trainers, some are Psychologist, and others are business people. Don’t get us wrong they all provide a valuable service and an important voice in Law of Attraction education. However, at Law of Attraction Solutions, LLC we provide a background that connects you to the ancient source of the Law of Attraction (The Ancient Teachings of Hermes). Robert Zink is one of the foremost authorities on Ancient Wisdom, Qabalah, Hermetics, and Alchemy. He has a business and marketing background, as well as, owned his own successful advertising agency.  In addition, he is the founder of the Ruach Healing Method TM and a Grand Master of Reiki. Robert Zink is also the Founder and Imperator General of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn. He is a Hypnotist and specialist in N.L.P. having created a unique form called Neuro-Linguistic Alchemy. He works with his wife Rachael Zink, who is trained in most of the empowerment practices mentioned. Rachael specializes in female empowerment.

Robert and Rachael have co-authored two books, “Law of Attraction Secrets: Success & Nothing Less Science” and “Magical Energy Healing: The Ruach Healing Method”. They plan to release another book soon. Few if anyone brings this kind of inner wisdom and other energy experience to the task of private mentoring and many types of empowerment workshops. Here is the difference, when you work with Law of Attraction Solutions, LLC you can expect results and even receive MIRACLES. The transformation will happen so fast that the positive changes in your life will seem like a MIRACLE. Road blocks will dissolve as if by magic.

This website,, has been created as a valuable resource for all those seeking true knowledge on the Law of Attraction and Modern Mind Science to bring Success and Nothing Less. We strongly suggest that you visit our store and check out our audio programs. There is nothing like them anywhere. They work! Next, consider reading our article section, there are tons of FREE articles on the Law of Attraction and Personal Empowerment. Finally, sign up for you FREE 30 minutes of Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy Life Coaching. Find out how easy it is to make real Miracles happen in your life through Law of Attraction coaching.