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Remove Negative Emotions Using Neuro Linguistic Alchemy

remove negative emotions

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The following is easy to use an exercise of removing negative emotions, blocks, fears and doubts from your mind. This practice is created from an N.L.P. method called the “swish” technique, however,  it goes further to bring abiding transformation. In the exercise that you will learn, you will awaken higher vibrations, which is essential in life mastery. You will also stimulate your abilities to invoke the power of the Law of Attraction. The following exercise uses N.L.A. or Neuro-Linguistic Alchemy for personal empowerment. You will begin this process by choosing one of your negative emotions which you would like to eliminate or transform alchemically. My suggestion is to start with a small one. You can use this technique over and over for more serious challenges later. In the beginning, the idea is to build your skills using this method of transformation. You will be able to conquer any negative thinking no matter how big or small as your skills develop. Step One: Make yourself comfortable in a quiet environment where you will not be disturbed. Step Two: You have already come up with one of your unhealthy or negative emotions you want to remove, now you must also come up with a positive, happy feeling. This emotion can be tied to a particular event in your life or a future event that has yet to happen. The key is that when you think about the moment, you feel excited and happy. Henceforth we will refer to this emotion as your replacement feeling. Step Three: In this step, you will use creative visualization. Your goal in this step is to create an ugly monster in your mind that is a nasty color of puke green. (Mine always has several eyeballs.) This monster represents your unwanted negative emotions. You might even hear this monster in your voice telling you to believe the negative garbage you are going to be eradicating.negative emotions Step Four: Clear your thoughts. Make a bright white screen in your mind, take a deep cleansing breath and open your eyes. Step Five In this step you will again close your eyes and this time, visualize a bright orange sunrise. Make the picture large and brilliant in your mind. Think about those happy feelings or a happy empowering situation from either your past or the future. Emotionalize it. Make it big and bold both visually and emotionally. Step Six: Clear your thoughts. Make a bright white movie screen in your mind and take a deep cleansing breath and open your eyes. Now at this point in the transformational exercise, you should have a green monster that you have created that is associated with negative feeling and a beautiful, orange sunrise that you have linked to positive emotions. The key to making this exercise work for you is to ensure that the negative feeling you are removing is associated with the ugly green monster, and your positive emotions are deeply related to the orange sunrise. remove negative emotionsWith these negative and positive images vivid it is time to begin the transformation process. Therefore, repeat Steps Three through Five again. Keep repeating these steps until you can close your eyes, see the ugly green person in your mind and immediately feel the unhealthy emotion. Likewise, make sure you can visualize the Orange sunrise and feel all those positive feelings. It is important not to rush this process of clear, vivid visualization. Also at this stage, I like to test my responses. If just thinking of the green ugly person brings up my unhealthy emotion, then I know I have successfully anchored the feeling to the image. The same applies with my positive replacement feeling and my visualization of the orange sunrise. Simply repeat the steps over and over until you can test and see the explicit association. Step 7: In this step, you are going to transform your emotions alchemically. Close your eyes again and begin by visualizing the ugly green monster. Allow yourself to feel the negative emotions. This time, you will make this ugly creature get smaller and smaller in your mind. When the image is the size of a postage stamp in your mind, take a deep breath in through your nose and hold it for a second. Next, exhale the air out of your mouth and while vibrating the sounds Ehhhh, Ahhhhh, Oooo. Now immediate see the BIG BRIGHT ORANGE SUNRISE. FILL YOUR ENTIRE MIND WITH THIS IMAGE. FEEL THE POSTIVE, UPLIFTING EMOTIONS YOU HAVE ANCHORED TO THIS INCREDIBLE SUNRISE! Enjoy these positive feelings and this beautiful image in of an orange sunrise. Step: 8 With your eyes still closed visualize white light surrounding you completely. See the brilliance covering you from head to toe. Step: 9 Eyes still closed, surrounded in the light, recite an affirmation that begins with the words, ” I Am.” Such as, “I am strong and confident, or “I am excited to speak in public.” Make sure the affirmation is positive. Naturally, you will want to think this out before you begin. Step:10 Clear again by making everything white in your mind. And open your eyes. You are finished. Congrats. Step:11 Repeat step 7 through 10 several times. I suggest seven times in a row. Do it for seven days and expect a mind miracle. You will come to a point where you can do the negative to positive switch faster and faster. Soon when negative thoughts enter your mind, you will automatically cancel them with a positive image. Continuous positive thinking allows the manifestation of Law of Attraction miracles. You have successfully participated in a Nero Linguistic Alchemy exercise. This method is part of the Alchemy Life Coaching program that we teach people all over the world who want to obtain peak performance and attract the life they desire.

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  1. This stuff works, people. It really does! I’ve done this visualization enough times, where I automatically associate anything that’s not positive that is coming into my head, anything that doesn’t make me feel a sense of joy, with that green monster. The sunrise/sunset has become a mental safe word for me. I catch the negative thought, and say to myself “sunrise” over and over again. out loud, or in my mind. Along with some deep breathing, this gets me out of what would have been a panic attack before I learned about these techniques. Really awesome stuff especially if you’re someone who struggles with talking yourself down from an emotional breakdown, or negative emotional reactions. I used to find it difficult to comfort myself. I always felt like I was missing something. This has really helped me a lot to see my own strength. 🙂

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