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Envy is not a higher vibrational emotion.  However, from time to time we see something or someone and negative feelings of resentment come creeping into our energy field. When these feelings of resentment, envy, or jealousy enter your mind, you can stop them in their tracks by transforming them into your plan to model success. You can model success that you desire by the examples of success you see around you.

For example, I remember when I was a kid, my Dad had a small boat.  We use to go fishing on it every weekend.  He would always look off into the water at those people who owned luxury boats.  I am confident he felt a slight bit of envy, especially when he was turned down for membership in the yacht club because his boat was too small.  This did not stop my Dad from manifesting his desire. My Dad used the belief that you can model success and manifest what you desire.

One of the things I observed about my Father is that he was a hard worker. He would start at the point where all he had was a desire and nothing more. From there he took his nothingness and desire and used it as motivation to continue taking action toward his goal. Sometimes he even took multiple jobs that were dirty and nasty so that he could reach the next level of his goal. Soon, every few years he traded in his boat for a bigger boat.  His actions paid off and he became the owner of an enormous yacht.  He owned one of the nicest yachts in the yacht club.  The point is that he did not get caught up in jealousy or envy.  He used other people’s success to motivate himself to move in the direction he desired. He, like so many other successful people, modeled success.

When applying success principals and the Law of Attraction, it is critical to look at others and model yourself after them. Notice I did not say copy them, I am suggesting that you model success.  Learn what they know and add that knowledge to what you know.  Soon you will have an edge, especially in business.

Model SuccessTake that negative energy of envy and jealousy and turn it into a passion.  Allow yourself to be consumed with your intentions and goals.  Once you have done this, you will quickly observe how fast the Law of Attraction begins to work in your life.  Are you ready for a real secret?  Here it is, use your energy to fuel your passion, but at the same time fill yourself with positive gratitude.  When you are overcome with gratitude, you will eliminate the negative vibrations that slow you down.

Your success is about to come fast.  Motivate yourself with big, powerful, large, exciting goals and dreams.  Practice creative visualization.  Get out on the water and look at all the big boats, and allow the passion of achievement to set your life and dreams on fire.






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  1. you became a source of energy,positivity , strength. meanings of life are changed after listening n reading u. entering from a phase of death into life, courage, hope n positivity. i am thankful.

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